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Campus Closure

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OU Norman Campus Closure Procedure (Inclement Weather)

Weather that would necessitate a campus closure or changes to the OU Norman campus operations schedule includes dangerous ice, snow, and bitter sub-zero temperatures during the winter months or the threat of tornadoes that can occur at any time of year. The decision to close campus due to potential or imminent weather hazards will be determined by the Campus Closure Committee (C3). C3 is represented by the President's office, Legal Counsel, Student Affairs, University Operations, Human Resources, University Meteorologist, Campus Safety, OUPD, Marketing and Communications, Provost's Office, Facilities Management, Parking and Transportation, Athletics, & OUHSC Administration/Finance.

OU Norman Campus Closure Protocol

C3 members analyze a multitude of factors as they relate to the expected weather hazard and the inherent risk to life safety, including personal injury, as well as the impact on classes and campus facilities and infrastructure. The VP for University Operations will make the final decision to close campus based on the C3 recommendation. If the VP of Operations is unavailable, the VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students will make the final decision, followed by the Senior VP and Provost.  The University President will be informed of the decision, then notifications will be sent to students, faculty, staff, patients, and other necessary university community members, and media outlets.

In certain instances, coordination with Norman Public Schools and Moore Public Schools is necessary given that an NPS or MPS school closure impacts many of our staff, faculty and students with children in those school systems.

OU Norman Campus Decision Timing

While the C3 will make every attempt to reach an early decision when it comes to inclement weather, weather forecasts are inherently uncertain. The degree of uncertainty weighs heavily into the timing of the campus closure decision. If a decision is reached the night before anticipated weather is forecast to arrive, the decision would likely occur by the 10pm local television news broadcasts. Other factors like the expected time of arrival and the type of inclement weather could result in the decision being rendered earlier, or on the day of the anticipated weather hazard.

OU HSC and OU Tulsa

The OU Health Sciences Center and OU Tulsa campuses are represented on C3 and inform Senior Management at both campuses to determine if they will close or adjust their hours of operation. Due to the localized nature of weather hazards, an OU Norman campus closure notice will likely not apply to all campuses.

The Campus Closure Committee C3
Vice President for University Operations & COO
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Senior Vice President and Provost
Associate Vice President for Finance & Operations, HSC
Vice President for Marketing & Communications
University Meteorologist
Chief of Police, OU Police Department
Director, Facilities Management
Director, Campus Safety
Associate Vice President, University Operations, Norman
Executive Associate Director of Athletics