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Active Shooter

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Active Shooter or Armed Intruder

Use a continuous assessment process to decide upon appropriate survival action.  Trust your intuition and go with your “gut” feeling.

A. Run (Escape):  If it is possible to flee safely and avoid danger, do so.

  1. Have an escape route & plan in mind & move quickly to the nearest exit.  Don't wait for others to validate your decision.
  2. Leave belongings behind. 
  3. Listen continually for sounds of a threat and move away from it.
  4. Be alert for instructions from authorities as you exit.
  5. Keep your hands visible to responding police officers.
  6. Call 9-1-1 and inform the authorities as soon as safely possible.

B. Hide (Barricade):  If flight is impossible, hide.

  1. Move to an area that can be locked or barricaded.
  2. Turn off lights and all noise-producing devices.
  3. Lock & barricade doors.
  4. Remain out of any line of sight from the doorway and do not stay directly in front of the door.
  5. If located with others quickly formulate a plan to attack the shooter if they gain entry to your space.
  6. Do not huddle together for mutual support, as it makes one easy target. Spread out and look for items that could be used as improvised weapons.
  7. Call 911 only if you can do so without giving away your location to the shooter.
  8. Stay in place without giving away your location until contacted by authorities.
  9. Once contacted by police, do exactly as you are told.     


C.  Fight (Overwhelm):  If the armed subject comes into your class or office and begins firing, there is no one procedure the authorities can recommend in this situation.

  1. Assume the shooter can succeed in wounding or killing everyone unless stopped.
  2. Throw things such as fire extinguisher or chair to distract the shooter as you attack.
  3. When multiple persons are trapped in a space attack as a group from all directions.
  4. Use group body weight to pin the shooter and any weapons.
  5. Once you have the advantage do not relinquish it until officers are on the scene and direct you to do so.
  6. Once contacted by police do exactly as you are told.

Information You Should Provide When You Call The Police (9-1-1)

  • Clarify you are on the University of Oklahoma Campus
  • Location of the assailant(s)
  • Number of assailants, if more than one
  • Physical description of the assailant(s)
  • Number and type of weapons held by the assailant(s)
  • Number of potential victims at the location


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