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Hot and Steamy .. and Stormy?

Friday, May 13, 2022 - University Meteorologist, Dr. Kevin Kloesel

Ahhh summer.

Above average heat, humidity, and a weak front meandering in the area.

Conditions more like late July today with widely scattered lightning storms possible at any time this afternoon and evening. Pinpointing occurrence, exact timing and location of scattered storms today will be very difficult given the late summer nature of the atmosphere. In addition, the above average heat and humidity means that the strongest of the widely scattered lightning storms this evening could also carry a hail risk, and gusty winds will also be possible in and around lightning storms. In addition, risk for heat illness will also be elevated today and hydration and shaded breaks will be important for outdoor workers and participants of outdoor events.

Will everyone get a storm? No. Folks in the region staying dry this evening will far outnumber those that get a shower, making event forecasting even more difficult.

It's a bit like skydiving. When everything goes fantastically, the risk was worth the reward and the experience is exhilarating. If things go badly, you get the voice of my mom in your head. "Why did they leave the comfortable confines of that perfectly good airplane?"

Hot and humid conditions will continue into convocation weekend with chances of isolates lightning storms in the afternoon and evening, with higher chances on Sunday evening.

We continue to pour over data this morning in hopes of seeing many of you... somewhere... this evening!

Always be Weather Ready! Keep checking back for the latest weather threats to the OU Campus, or follow us on Twitter @OUEmergencyPrep using the hashtag #OUSafe


Quick Look at Weather Conditions in Norman Oklahoma:

Norman weather data courtesy of the Oklahoma Mesonet, a 25-year partnership between OU and OSU.

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Courtesy of the NOAA National Weather Service WSR-88D radar network and the Oklahoma Mesonet