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Stay Away From Trees, Stay Home

Wednesday, October 28 - University Meteorologist, Dr. Kevin Kloesel

Periods of heavy rain with occasional lightning strikes will result in additional tree damage and localized flooding. The strongest storms might also have small hail. Temperatures will finally climb above freezing. Unfortunately, trees will continue to shed limbs as ice melts and falls. Frozen surfaces on the upper parts of buildings may also shed ice resulting in hazardous conditions near building entrances/exits. Do not walk under trees today!

By tomorrow, very windy conditions will arrive. Gusty winds could also result in additional tree limbs coming down from trees damaged by ice.

If you are looking for when pleasant weather returns? You will have to wait until Friday. After a foggy start, temperatures will approach 60F with sunshine.

Always be Weather Ready! Keep checking back for the latest weather threats to the OU Campus, or follow us on Twitter @OUEmergencyPrep using the hashtag #OUSafe


Quick Look at Weather Conditions in Norman Oklahoma:

Norman weather data courtesy of the Oklahoma Mesonet, a 25-year partnership between OU and OSU.

Want real-time, 5-minute updates of current weather conditions from the Oklahoma Mesonet on your phone? Download the Oklahoma Mesonet smartphone apps by clicking on the appropriate link.

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NWS Radar

Courtesy of the NOAA National Weather Service WSR-88D radar network