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Career Communities

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Career Communities

Did you know that your job search does not have to be limited by your major? The OU Career Center has created six Career Communities, based on industry rather than major. These Communities help students narrow their career aspirations into manageable and relevant fields of interest.

By choosing a Career Community, students are connected to specialized advising, career resources, job opportunities, networking events, and more. Students are encouraged to explore more than one Career Community! Still unsure about your career path? You can find helpful information and support through the “Exploration Community”.

Business, Finance, Consulting, & Sales

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Are you interested in utilizing strategy and analysis to help organizations function efficiently, or developing a new business from the ground-up? Explore the many possibilities in the vast corporate sector for using quantitative, analytical, leadership, persuading, and influencing skills.

Roles include accounting, banking, insurance, investing, sales, data analytics, consulting, market research, real estate, supply chain, etc.

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Education, Non-Profit, & Social Impact

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Are you passionate about solving social problems, influencing change, supporting underserved communities, and working with children, youth, and families?  Career paths dedicated to public good cut across industries and are all connected through the common goal of addressing society’s big challenges.

Explore roles in direct care or capacity building across diverse causes in the non-profit sector, including K-12 and higher education teaching/administration, public administration, mission-driven communities, social work, counseling, and a variety of private non-profit organizations.

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Engineering, Technology, & Physical Science

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Do you like to innovate, invent, use data to solve complex problems, use quantitative and analytical skills, or design and build “stuff”? This community focuses on problem-solving, research, technology, data management, user experience, and analytics.

Explore roles in information technology, programming, data science, quality assurance, research and development, engineering, energy, and natural resources, astronomy, etc.


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Government, Law, & International Affairs

government law international affairs career community logo

Are you passionate about solving individual, group, or societal problems through advocacy, policy work, or public service? Do you enjoy learning about and discussing complex issues affecting our world? Members of this community have a wide range of interests that include addressing societal issues, creating policy, and serving in government roles.

Explore roles at all levels of government, law enforcement, international development, intelligence and security, humanitarianism and diplomacy, and across the legal system.

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Health, Wellness, Life Sciences, & the Environment

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Do you have an interest in the health and welfare of people, use of scientific knowledge to make the world a better place, or managing systems that relate to healthcare? This community is for those targeting organizations that promote and manage the health, wellness, and scientific research of life in all its forms.

Individuals in this community might find themselves with work environments such as hospitals, laboratories, health education, and policy think tanks, or continuing their career pursuits into health professions programs.

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Media, Marketing, Communication, & the Arts

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Are you interested in using creativity and innovation to impact popular culture in your career? Is flexibility, originality, and collaboration something you value in a work environment? This community emphasizes strong written and interpersonal skills, artistic/creative expression, and an understanding of relevant communication and information channels across industries.

Explore roles in journalism, public relations, advertising, digital marketing, film, and visual/performing arts.

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Career Exploration

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Not sure which Career Community is right for you? Visit this community for resources and tools to guide you as you explore your interests and what industries might be a good fit.

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