Contacting Employers Directly

The final component in the job search process is approaching employers regarding posted positions or to prospect for future positions. Each type of employer has its own unique style of hiring. You should use a variety of methods to contact prospective employers, rather than limiting yourself to one method. Effective approaches which can be used in your job search include:

  • Contacting organizations directly through a standard mail or email campaign, personal visits or through their website
  • Utilizing your contacts with faculty, alumni, family, friends and former employers
  • Responding to vacancies posted in the HIREsooner Online Job Board, professional journals, and various Internet sites
  • Attend career fairs
  • Applying for on-campus interviews

Regardless of your career interest, it is important for you to let as many potential employers as possible know who you are, what you can do, and why you are interested in their organizations. The more specific you can be in discussing why you are interested in them and what you can contribute to their organizations, the more effective your contact will be. The Career Services staff can help you to identify the most effective methods of contacting potential employers in your field and to plan your individual job search campaign.