Find an Internship

Why would I want one?

  • Employers seek candidates for full-time positions with career related experience.
  • Excellent way to gain a professional and relevant work background while completing a college degree.
  • Allows students to explore their career interests and options.
  • Combine knowledge from courses with real life work experience.
  • Put skills learned in the classroom to work.
  • Could lead to full-time employment upon graduating
  • Network and connect with professionals in a career field you wish to pursue.
  • Possible to earn academic credit for an internship or co-op.

What is an internship?

  • Part-time work assignment related to your major, career of interest, or both.
  • Perform 10 to 20 work hours per week in addition to your current semester's course load.
  • Student is selected by an organization to carry out the duties and tasks of an actual position within the organization to gain hands-on experience.
  • Paid and unpaid opportunities.
  • Students will approach internships and search for one in the same way they would a job. There will be a resume to create, interviews to prepare for, and professional etiquette to consider.

What is a Co-op?

  • Opportunity to work in positions related to your major field of study.
  • Three versions are available:
    1. Alternating: Alternate periods of work with periods of study, usually taken in the fall or spring terms.
    2. Parallel: Work and attend college simultaneously on a part-time basis, usually taken in the summer term.
    3. Summer: Work only during two or more summer periods.

When should you start looking?

  • NOW! When an interest in a career field develops, find ways to experience that profession.
  • Positions exist for all students from freshmen to seniors.
  • Certain industries have an annual recruiting season, which means employers begin to seek out interns 6 to 9 months before the position begins. Engineering and Accounting are good examples of such industries.

When should I complete one?

  • Several factors to consider including your major, the industry, the organization, stage you are in of degree completion, and your course load for the term.
  • Academic credit can be obtained in the fall, spring and/or summer terms.
  • The summer is an ideal time since students are usually taking a break from classes.
  • Co-ops are most often completed during a fall or spring semester.
  • Remember, it is never too late!

How do I get started?

  • See the Resources portion of the website for information on finding an internship or co-op.
  • See the Earning Academic Credit portion of the website for information on internship/co-op courses.
  • Make an appointment with the Internship/Co-op Coordinator in Career Services by calling 405.325.1974.

Contact Information

Internship/Co-op Coordinator

Mary Delaney  

Mary Delaney
Assistant Director
Internships and Co-ops
OMU 323