Cancellation Policy

In order for the On-Campus Interviewing program to work effectively, all parties must meet certain obligations. Employers invest substantial time and money in recruitment efforts, so it is extremely important that students treat every interview as a commitment. Missed interviews are a very serious concern because they lower the employer's impressions of our campus and take away other students' opportunities.

Scheduling an interview with an employer and not showing up for the interview is considered a "MISSED INTERVIEW." Individuals with a missed interview will be blocked from applying for and scheduling future interviews. If you have interviews previously scheduled, be sure to attend those interviews!

Missed Interview Policy

If you fail to cancel and do not appear for a scheduled interview, you will receive a letter, which will be copied to your department head, directing you to write a letter of apology to the employer and deliver it to Career Services with a stamped envelope addressed to the employer. Your opportunity to apply or sign up for additional On-Campus Interviews will be suspended until your letter is received by Career Services. Repeated occurrences will result in termination of your On-Campus Interview privileges.

Cancelled Interview Policy

If you need to cancel a scheduled interview after the sign-up period, you must contact Career Services in person or by phone ASAP. Excessive cancellations will result in suspension and possible termination of your On-Campus Interview privileges.