Specialized Advice

Federal Government

There are many reasons why the federal government is a terrific place to work, and right now is a great time to be applying. The federal government is seeing a huge reduction in their current employment due to the retirement of the Baby boomers, therefore they are looking for new, young people to come in and begin careers. According to The Partnership for Public Service, "Over the next two years, the federal government (the nation's largest employer) is projected to hire nearly 193,00 new employees to fill 'mission critical' government jobs in almost every occupation field."

Green Jobs

The demand for Green Careers is rising throughout the United States. These jobs are focused on sustainability and environmental protection and preservation. Green businesses are concentrating on creating an environment where conserving energy, using renewable energy sources, conserving water, and reducing waste are a part of everyday business. Whether companies are adapting their processes to fit a green environment or building a business based on a foundation of green values, the need for employees who want to work in a green environment is growing at a significant rate. Career Services is focused on offering students information on the necessary steps towards finding a Green Career.

International Students

As an international student, pursuing employment can be challenging. In a competitive job market, international students must be aware of the obstacles they face when seeking employment and how to overcome these. It is important for international students to understand that their job search will look different than the average student. However, just like any job search, one must have a strategy.

Employment Agencies

As you conduct your job search you will find that some employers hire third-party organizations to assist them in identifying and hiring college students. An employer can hire a third-party organization to do on-campus recruiting, represent the company at a job fair, screen job candidates who apply through an Internet web site, or other hiring activities.