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Access the Collection

The Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive's online catalog can be accessed here and some selections can be viewed on YouTube. If you have any further questions, please direct all search inquiries to the Center's archivists JA Pryse or Jami Hunter, or email

Using Collection Materials

While the University owns the materials in its collection, it does not own the copyright to any of the materials. It is the responsibility of the user to acquire any necessary copyright authorizations from the copyright holder for use of the material.

The archive, like a library, does not provide permanent copies of material but provides loan copies to researchers. Rush orders are possible depending on the size of the order but may result in additional charges.

Material Format

The research material is visibly watermarked in .mpg or mmp4 format, and will be provided to researchers via cloud storage service.

Loan Terms

The University does not own the copyright to any of the materials, and the archive cannot provide permanent copies of the ads from the collection. Like a library, the archive provides loan copies.

Borrowers are required to sign a formal loan agreement, which stipulates among other things that the archive’s materials will not be duplicated, posted online, further loaned, or used/distributed in other unauthorized ways. Archive staff will provide the specifics of this agreement if an off-site research request is approved.

Academic Use of Materials

For the archive's purposes, an academic institution is an educational institution that grants degrees and issues diplomas or other certifications. Patrons making "academic" requests must demonstrate affiliation as a student (please specify graduate or undergraduate), faculty, or staff member at such an institution.

Academic Research Fees: $100 per group of 1-20 commercials

Non-Academic Use of Materials

Requests for non-academic or commercial use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Fees will be determined by the location of the image on or in the product, the size of the reproduction, and whether the market for the product is local, national, or international.

Non-Academic Research Fees: $100 per group of 1-20 commercials

Loan Fees

Fees for "clean" copies of commercials for production are based on the length of the commercial:

  • Up to 30 sec.: $300 per commercial
  • 31 sec. to 15 min.: $600 per commercial
  • 15 min. or longer: $750 per commercial

Loan fees are for the temporary loan only of the material and are used to maintain the collection and equipment.

Contact Information

Please contact archivists JA Pryse or Jami Hunter for additional information on accessing or using the Kanter collection materials.