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40 Lloyd Noble Shuttle

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Lloyd Noble Shuttle N40

This route serves OU students, faculty and staff parking on the north side of the Lloyd Nobel Center and riding to main campus. These CART passengers park permit-free. No fare is charged on this route. 

This route runs from the LNC to the Campus Depot on Asp Avenue on the west side of Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. This route stops only at the LNC and Campus Depot. This route runs all day every day that OU classes are in session, sometimes with two busses, and at peak times four busses are in use. 

Monday-Friday regular and alternate schedule:

7 a.m.-9 p.m.; last run 8:40 p.m. from Campus Depot;

5-10 minute service until 6 p.m.;

20 minute service from 6-9 p.m.

No Saturday service.

GPSBus Stop Location



1Campus Depot **  
113LNC **

# Bench Stops        ** Sheltered Stops


Note: When the LNC Shuttle is not running, the Apartment Loop is fare free (excluding Saturdays) and serves LNC by stopping at Asp/Imhoff.