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Bachelor of Arts

African & African American Studies offers the Bachelor of Arts within the College of Arts and Sciences. AFAM classes are offered during regularly scheduled 15 week semesters, and in a three-weekend format. While most AFAM courses are offered in Norman, selected classes are offered on the Tulsa campus. Several courses are offered on-line, as well.

Strong core curriculum content (15 hours) is a particular strength of the program.  AFAM majors take courses such as: seminal introductory content specific to the discipline; essential content about Africa and the Diaspora; African American history; research methods with special focus pertaining to the discipline; and a Capstone course integrating major discipline content. In addition to core content, the program has guided electives selected from three groups: Historical issues; Contemporary Social Issues and Aesthetics; and, finally, a broad group of free electives.

African & African American Studies Requirements

In order to earn a degree in AFAM from OU, students are required to take 36 semester hours of course work. Please see the Requirements for the Major here.

AFAM majors can specialize their AFAM degree into four different areas of concentration. Areas of concentration include:

  • African Studies & History
  • Cultural Production
  • Community Theory & Practice
  • Gender

An AFAM certificate, outlining the specialty, will be given to the student, upon graduating. Majors in AFAM complete five core course, three courses of guided electives and four courses of African & African American electives, for a total of 36-major credit hours. Courses for fulfillment of General Education and College of Arts and Sciences requirements must be from the approved General Education course list published on the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Checksheet.

Minors enrolling in AFAM should take Introduction to African American Studies and 15 hours of AFAM electives for a total of 18 hours. Students may enroll as Double or Dual Majors.

If you have questions, please see Natalie Dickson who is the advisor for all AFAM majors and minors.

African & African American Studies Courses