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Departmental Advising

Arts and Sciences students must be advised prior to enrolling for each semester. If you are an Arts and Sciences student, your advising is done by your departmental advisor within your major. It is a good idea for you to contact your departmental advisor in October for spring advising, and March for summer and fall advising.

Please stop by our office to go over your courses for the next registration period. Although college and departmental advisors are available to help students plan their program of study, the student has a three-fold responsibility:

  1. to know their academic standing based on printed standards
  2. to know and satisfy the stated degree requirements
  3. to know and observe academic deadlines.

In addition to semester enrollment advisement with your department, remember to schedule an official Degree Check with the College of Arts & Sciences once you have earned at least 90 credit hours.

Meet the Department Advisor

Photo of Natalie Dickson

Natalie Dickson
Academic Counselor
Office: Ellison Hall, Room 124

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