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Why I Love AFAM

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Student Voices

"I love AFAM at OU because it opened my eyes to a perspective that was new and different to me. I was a white girl from an all-white rural school, but now I have a global world-view."

– Shelby Hill



"When I started at OU, I was unaware of what I wanted to study and I changed my major multiple times before I discovered AFAM. AFAM saved my college career and I love AFAM because AFAM loves me. AFAM has changed my entire outlook on life and I am very grateful and indebted to AFAM for opening my eyes to the ways of the world."

– William Bessette



"I love AFAM because I love to learn about the amazing things those before me have conquered and accomplished."

– Taylor Rednose



"I love AFAM because it provides theories, philosophy and literature to understand and analyze the Black experience. I honestly think that AFAM is one of the few majors on campus that allows students to become intimate with studies and lessons."

– George Lee



"I love AFAM because it allows me to inform others about the reasoning behind having a black studies program. It provides the chance for true enlightenment about the rich cultural and history that has been left behind."

– Denzel Hooks



"I love AFAM because of its ability to outline global history through the experiences of African/Black generations. It incorporates my attachment with the study of society (i.e. sociology) while placing emphasis on the shifting conditions of the African/Black global body."

– Shaina Thomas



"I love AFAM because it continues to challenge every belief I have of American Society. AFAM provides theories and background about US history that I wouldn’t know otherwise."

– Xavier Avery



"I love AFAM because it influences involvement among the African American community. I love AFAM because it offers insight into certain experiences that others may have or might not experience in life."

– Sophia Calhoun



"I love AFAM because it speaks the truth. It fills a void in education and gives a different way to see the world and mankind."

– Shakiyla Donaldson



"I fell in love with AFAM because it is a meeting place of every discourse. There is a place for any and everybody in AFAM. Ek hoe van my Afrika und my mense. Ek hoe van my Afrika und my mense."

– Christian Lewis



"I love AFAM because of how broad it is. It is very open. My meaning behind open is its quality of the truth about history."

– Gerald Johns



"I love African and African American studies essentially because I am black. For years in Waldorf, Maryland public schools I learned about so many other discourses of knowledge; and now I have the opportunity to learn about my own culture. It is also an opportunity to learn truth about my history, culture, people and how to be an Afro-American..."

– Damion Thornton