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Darcie DeAngelo

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Dr. Darcie DeAngelo

Image of Darcie DeAngelo. Office: Dale Hall Tower 509. Email:


Office: Dale Hall Tower 509

Research Interests

  • Human Animal Relations
  • Environment
  • Trauma 
  • Visual Anthropology
  • Southeast Asia


After having spent time among landmine victims in the minefields of Cambodia, I became interested in those people who can walk across this dangerous ground. This led me to research among landmine detectors who work with animal companions like the landmine detection rats from the NGO, APOPO. My work with animals entails visual and media pieces that can depict how humans and nonhumans can relate. I have a keen interest in interdisciplinary and engaged research that integrates theoretical rigor with public-facing works. I find myself drawn to many different research, art, and pedagogy projects. And yet, these varied projects center on the theme that being human means being related. For me, this entails a loss of innocence about these relations—I am interested in exploring relations that have been affected by legacies of violence and disparities.

Recent Publications

(2021) "Minefield Montage" for Antennae: The Journal of Art and Nature in the Special Issue on Uncontainable Natures. Edited by Lucy Davis, Kevin Chua, Nora Taylor.


(2021) “Resilient Relations: Rethinking truth, reconciliation, and justice in Cambodia” for The Journal of Global Buddhism in the Special Issue on “Resilience.” 


(2021) “Vector” as a Living Lexicon Entry in Environmental Humanities. 


(2019) “Negative Space: Imaginaries of violence in Cambodia” in Southeast of Now Special Issue on Reframing the Archive pp 47-66.  


(2018) “Demilitarizing disarmament with mine detection rats” in Culture and Organization Special Issue on The Animal. 

Please see my website for a list of multimodal works.