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Gus Palmer

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Gus Palmer, Jr. (Panthaide)

Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 2000

Phone: (405) 325-8786

Research Interests

Kiowa language database and dictionary, Kiowa texts documentation, and general storytelling and oral tradition.

My research is the continuation of Kiowa language database and dictionary. I have also contributed chapters to books on American Indian texts (published in 2011), transcribed and translated both, one at the University of Oklahoma Press, edited by Paul Kroskrity, and the other at the University of Nebraska Press, edited by David Kozak. I will continue working with these kinds of texts and look forward to working with students interested in this language area.

I have a recent publication in journals Oral Tradition and American Indian Quarterly. I am also editing a volume, Great Plains Verbal Arts, in the Native American Literature Series, the University of Nebraska Press. I am the co-author of a indigenous cultural geography and oral narrative book to be published by SUNY Press. My work continues as a speaker and translator contributor in new films and videos by Kiowa film maker, Jeffrey P. Palmer.

One other book chapter I am presently writing now is on Native American language revitalization, Robert Warrior, ed. This work is in development.

I am currently serving in an advisory capacity for Vocal and Oral Verbal Arts (VOVA), based at the U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC. I will be contributing mainly to verse analysis, performance models for language revitalization programs, and some song lyrics editing. The organization is new and evolving well with meetings at several universities.

Classes Taught

  • ANTH 2303 General Linguistics
  • ANTH 2613 Native Peoples of North America
  • ANTH 5630 Ethnography of Communication
  • ANTH 5990 Anthropology and American Indians
  • ANTH 4033 Story, Performance, and Event
  • ANTH 5363 Linguistic Anthropology