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Patricia Gilman

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Patricia Gilman

Professor Emerita
Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1983


Current Research Projects

  • Early villages (pit structure sites) in the Mimbres region – numbers of people, amount of sedentism, and ritual
  • Mimbres puebloan sites – the transition from pit structures to pueblos, family structure across the transition, Mimbres pottery, interaction with Mesoamerica
  • San Simon region of southeastern Arizona – early depopulation, social relationships with Hohokam and Mimbres, role of area in southern Southwest
  • Southern and Western Mimbres regions – relationship to Mimbres Valley and other Mimbres regions; settlement patterns and Western Mimbres pottery

Recent Publications

Mimbres Society. Edited by Valli S. Powell-Marti and Patricia A. Gilman. University of Arizona Press.

"Substantial Structures, Few People, and the Question of Early Villages in the Mimbres Valley of the North American Southwest." Becoming Villagers: Comparing Early Village Societies. Edited by Matthew S. Bandy and Jake R. Fox. pp.119-139. University of Arizona Press.

Recent Projects Available to Graduate Students

  • Mimbres pottery
  • Early villages in the southwestern United States
  • Pit structure to pueblo transition
  • Mobility and sedentism
  • Social relationships across the southern Southwest