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Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Anthropology Program Overview

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Anthropology is a social science that covers the breadth of human experience and encompasses four subfields: archaeology, biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. One of the characteristics that distinguishes anthropology from many other disciplines is its adherence to the concept of cultural relativism, which states that each culture is viewed on its own terms and not ethnocentrically against the standards of others.

Every undergraduate student faces a series of difficult questions in designing her or his overall program of courses and to pursue a particular career? How are my other degree requirements related to my major, or vice versa? What can I do with an anthropology major? If I am specifically interested in one of the subfields in anthropology, why do I have to take courses in the other subfields? And what courses should I take to best prepare for my career interests? Ultimately, each student must find the answers and make the decisions on these matters, and here we can help by formulating questions and posing alternatives. Moreover, the student should seek information and guidance from a wide variety of sources in and outside the University community. The Departmental adviser and each faculty member in the Department are always willing to talk with you about these matters.

Please click here to see the courses offered for the current and upcoming semester.

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The Anthropology Department offers undergraduate internships, allowing students to gain real world experience that applies what they have learned in the classroom. Please see the Internships page for more information.

Here are some tips from some senior anthropology majors: