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Ingo Schlupp

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Ingo Schlupp

Presidential Professor of Biology

Dr. rer. nat., Universität Hamburg
Diploma Biology, Universität Hamburg
Vordiplom Biology, Universität Hamburg
405-325-4908 (Phone)
405-325-6202 (Fax)
RH 112  

web page

curriculum vitae


•Stability of gynogenetic /hybridogenetic mating systems
•Evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction
•Sexual selection
•Population biology of amphibians and fishes with a focus on conservation biology
•Speciation, especially ecological speciation
•Biology of cave dwellers
•Evolution of Life Histories
•Robotics and Simulations

Representative Publications

  • Schlupp, I. (2018) Male mate choice in Livebearing fishes: an overview. Current Zoology (64) 393 - 403.
  • Makowicz, A.M., Murray, L*. & Schlupp, I. (2020) Size, species, and audience type influence heterospecific female-female competition. Animal Behaviour (159) 47 – 58.
  • Rodriguez Silva, R., Torres Pineda, P.*, Rodríguez C.M. & Schlupp, I. (2020) Distribution range extension of Yaguayal Limia, Limia yaguayali (Teleostei: Poeciliidae) from north of the Dominican Republic. Novitates Caribaea 15 127 – 133.
  • Makowicz, A.M., Tiedemann, R., Steele, R.N.*, Schlupp, I. (2016) Kin Recognition in a Clonal Fish, Poecilia formosa. PLoS One (doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0158442. (
  • Trachtenberg, Z., Burns, T.J, deBeurs, K., Ellis, S.E., Gates, K.K., Hoagland, B.W., Kelly, J.F., Neeson, T.M., Randall, A.R., Schlupp, I., SoppelPA, P.S., Soreghan, G.S., Zeigler, J.J (2017) The Anthropocene Biosphere: Supporting “Open Interdisciplinarity” through Blogging. Trends in Ecology & Evolution (32) 1-3.
  • Varela, S., Matos, M. & Schlupp, I. (2018): The role of mate-choice copying in speciation and hybridization. Biol. Rev.
  • SCHLUPP,I., MARLER,C. & RYAN,M.J. (1994): Benefit to Male Sailfin Mollies of Mating with Heterospecific Females. Science, 263, 373 - 374.
  • SCHARTL,M., NANDA, I., SCHLUPP,I., WILDE,B., EPPLEN,J.T., SCHMID,M., & PARZEFALL,J. (1995): Incorporation of subgenomic amounts of DNA as compensation for mutational load in a gynogenetic fish. Nature 373, 68 - 71.
  • TOBLER, M. & SCHLUPP,I. (2005) Parasites in sexual and asexual mollies (Poecilia, Poeciliidae,Teleostei): a case for the Red Queen? Biol. Letters (1) 166-168.
  • SCHLUPP, I. & PLATH, M. (2005) Male mate choice and sperm allocation in a sexual/asexual mating complex of Poecilia (Poeciliidae, Teleostei). Biol. Letters. (1) 169-171.
  • SCHLUPP, I. (2005) The Evolutionary Ecology of Gynogenesis. Annual Reviews of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics (36) 399 – 417.
  • PLATH M., RICHTER S, TIEDEMANN R, & SCHLUPP, I. (2008) Male Fish deceive Competitors about Mating Preferences. Current Biology (18) 1138 – 1141.
  • SCHLUPP, I. (2010) Mate choice and the Amazon molly: how sexuality and unisexuality can coexist. J. Heredity (101 Supplement) S55 – S61.
  • BIERBACH, D., GIRNDT, A., HAMFLER, S., KLEIN, M., MÜKSCH, F., PENSHORN, M., SCHWINN, M., ZIMMER, C., SCHLUPP, I., STREIT, B. & PLATH, M. (2011) Male fish use prior knowledge about rivals to adjust their mate choice. Biol. Letters (7), 349–351.
  • CARNES, B. C., RIESCH, R. & SCHLUPP, I. (2011) The delayed impact of parental age on offspring mortality in mice. Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences (67A), 358-365.
  • WOEHRER, M., HOUGEN, D. & SCHLUPP, I. (2012) Sexual Selection, Resource Distribution, and Population Size in Synthetic Sympatric Speciation. Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems (Artificial Life 13) 137-144.>
  • RIESCH, R., PLATH M., SCHLUPP, I., TOBLER, M. & LANGERHANS, R.B. (2014). Colonization of toxic environments drives predictable life-history evolution in livebearing fishes (Poeciliidae). Ecology Letters 17. 65-71.