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Ricardo Betancur

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Ricardo Betancur


Ricardo Betancur-R.

Assistant Professor of Biology


Ph.D., Auburn University
405-325-0916 (Phone)
405-325-6202 (Fax)
RH 117

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Research in the Betancur lab is broadly concerned with the evolutionary biology of fishes and is oriented around five major aims: (1) inferring relationships and testing evolutionary hypotheses in the context of such relationships, (2) uncovering drivers of morphological and lineage diversification, (3) elucidating processes that explain spatial and temporal patterns of distribution of species and populations within species, (4) understanding the genetic basis of adaptive traits, and (5) documenting the diversity of marine and freshwater fish faunas. This research scope includes strong fieldwork and collection-based components and we use a variety of genomic approaches to address questions around these aims.

    Previous and ongoing projects have focused on unraveling the pattern and tempo of fish evolution using molecular and fossil-based data, addressing the classification of "all fishes", uncovering the factors driving diversification and morphological evolution in relation to habitat transitions (e.g., marine and freshwaters), understanding the sources of phylogenetic conflict in genome-wide data, identifying barriers of marine fish connectivity in the Caribbean, testing hypotheses about the timing of divergence in transoceanic clades, assessing species boundaries, describing new species, among others. 


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