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Tarren J. Shaw

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Tarren J. Shaw


Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
405-325-1648 (Phone)
405-325-6202 (Fax)
Rm 405


My primary focus at OU involves undergraduate biology instruction and education research. Whether that be the curricular development and instruction of a large-enrollment Introductory Biology course and its accompanying laboratory, or the impact of technology and peer-led instruction on student learning gains. Regardless, I am interested in developing new pedagogies and applying research-based strategies to increase student learning gains or improve attitudes toward science.

Current projects include:

  • An NSF sponsored longitudinal study of the development and implementation of an inquiry-based introductory biology program.
  • Development of an Authentic Research curriculum for the Introductory Biology laboratory. This curriculum provides students with a Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) that mirrors the way in which a scientist works.


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