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William J. Matthews

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William J. Matthews

Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
M.S., Arkansas State University
B.S.E., Arkansas State University
405-325-6959 (Phone)
405-325-6202 (Fax)
SH 106

curriculum vitae


My current research interests include continued long-term field studies of fish communities in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and analyses of more than 30 short-term or long-term data sets from 40 years of field work in  the region.  I also continue to actively study ecology of stream fishes in the region, with ongoing projects on the fishes of the Tar Creek superfund site and fishes of the Blue River.  I am working with colleagues to describe one or more distinct species in the upper Blue River and to compare them to similar fish in nearby drainages.  In retirement, I do not now take any graduate students.  My focus is now on collaboration with Dr. Edie Marsh-Matthews, and a few other reliable colleagues.


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