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Md Sams Sazzad Ali

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Md Sams Sazzad Ali

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Lemon Lab


Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Research Interests

I have completed my undergraduate program in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2004 and subsequently have completed my graduate program (Ph. D.) from the Graduate School of Dentistry, Osaka University, Japan in March 2019. I have immense interest in neurobiological studies. Therefore, my study field in my graduate program was incorporated to reveal the brain mechanism controlling the orofacial movements in mastication, swallowing and speech by neuroanatomical, neurophysiological and neuropharmacological methods. I evolved my skill in extracellular in vivo electrophysiology, microinjection of neuronal tracers, histology, immunohistochemistry and cytoarchitecture drawing during my graduate program. My current study as a Postdoc in Dr. Lemon’s lab is focused on how brain gustatory neurons act as integrators between taste and oral somatosensation, including touch, temperature and nociception. For our studies we use in vivo neurophysiology, microinjection of viral tracers, molecular and genetic assisted control of neurons, behavioral assays, optogenetics, immunohistochemistry and quantitative/computational techniques.


Jinrong Li, Md Sams Sazzad Ali, and Christian H. Lemon. A simple method for acute gas anesthesia in mice via tracheostomy tube. Kopf Carrier #98 (2020).

Atsushi Yoshida, Takashi Fujio, Fumihiko Sato, Md Sams Sazzad Ali, Tahsinul Haque, Haruka Ohara, Masayuki Moritani, Takafumi Kato, Jonathan O. Dostrovsky & Yoshihisa Tachibana. Orofacial proprioceptive thalamus of the rat. Brain Structure and Function, 222, 2655–2669 (2017).