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Waldir Berbel Filho

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Waldir Berbel Filho

Postdoctoral Researcher

Schlupp Lab


Ph.D., Swansea University
ResearchGate Profile


Research Interests

I have a broad interest in evolutionary biology, ranging from the molecular mechanisms underpinning phenotypic variation to the eco-evolutionary forces shaping the evolutionary history of populations/species. During my career, I have worked in several projects, with a wide range of organisms mainly using genetics, genomics and bioinformatics methods as toolkits to investigate the historical factors influencing genetic structure and phylogeographical patterns of wild populations, as well as experimental approaches to analyse the molecular basis (e. g. epigenetics) and  potential adaptive consequences of phenotypic plasticity.

Representative Publications

W. M. Berbel-Filho, C. G. de Leaniz, P. Morán. J. Cable, S. M. Q. Lima, S. Consuegra. 2019. Local parasite pressures and host genotype modulate epigenetic diversity in a mixed-mating fish. Ecology and Evolution 98736-8749.

W. M. Berbel-Filho, D. Rodríguez-Barreto, N. Berry, C. G. de Leaniz, S.  Consuegra. 2019. Contrasting DNA methylation responses of inbred fish lines to different rearing environmentsEpigenetics 14: 938-949.

W. M. Berbel-Filho, T. P. A. Ramos, U. P. Jacobina, D. J. G. Maia, R. A. Torres, S. M. Q. Lima. 2018. Updated checklist and DNA barcode-based species delimitations reveal taxonomic uncertainties among freshwater fishes from the Mid-north-eastern Caatinga ecoregion, north-eastern Brazil.  Journal of Fish Biology 93311-323.

Tatarenkov, A., S. M. Q. Lima, R. L. Earley, W. M. Berbel-Filho, F. B. M. Vermeulen, D. S. Taylor, K. Marson et al. 2017. Deep and concordant subdivisions in the self-fertilizing mangrove killifishes (Kryptolebias) revealed by nuclear and mtDNA markers. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 122:558-578.

W. M. Berbel-Filho, P. A. Martinez, T. P. A. Ramos, R. A. Torres, and S. M. Q. Lima. 2016. Inter- and intra-basin phenotypic variation in two riverine cichlids from northeastern Brazil: potential eco-evolutionary damages of São Francisco interbasin water transferHydrobiologia 766:43-56.

Martinez, P. A., W. M. Berbel-Filho, and U. P. Jacobina. 2013. Is formalin fixation and ethanol preservation able to influence in geometric morphometric analysis? Fishes as a case studyZoomorphology 132:87-93.