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Department Seminars

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Department Seminars

Join us for our Spring 2021 department seminar series, which will take place via Zoom for the fall semester. Please email for the invitation link. All seminars will be live from 3:45-4:45 p.m., unless otherwise noted. See below for the schedule of speakers. Any changes will be updated here. 


Date Speaker Title Host
9/8/2021 Masato Yoshizawa and Vania Fernandes "Diversity of the L-R asymmetry evolution in the sensory usage and behavior output in a cavefish foraging behavior."  Gavin Woodruff
9/15/2021 Rosemary and Peter Grant   Ingo Schlupp
9/22/2021 Ricardo Betancur   Gavin Woodruff
9/29/2021 Heather Ketchum   Gavin Woodruff
10/6/2021 Joanna Kelley   Ingo Schlupp
10/13/2021 Andy Rominger   Katie Marske
10/20/2021 Elizabeth Miller   Ricardo Betancur
10/27/2021 Ashlee Rowe   Gavin Woodruff
11/3/2021 Kim Cooper   Gavin Woodruff
11/10/2021 Sangeet Lamichhaney   Hayley Lanier
11/17/2021 TBD   Biology Dept. 
11/24/2021 Thanksgiving No seminar  
12/1/2021 TBD   Biology Dept. 
12/8/2021 TBD   Biology Dept. 

* All seminars in FA 2021 will be conducted via Zoom at 4:30 p.m., Central Time