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Department Seminars

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Department Seminars

Join us for our Spring 2022 department seminar series, which will take place both in-person and via Zoom. Please email for the invitation link or see the main page at Seminars will take place from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in George Lynn Cross Hall 123. They will also be simultaneously broadcasted on Zoom. See below for the schedule of speakers. Any changes will be updated here. 


Date Speaker Title Host
02/02/22 Carl Zimmer "Writing the Pandemic: Science Journalism In The Age of Covid-19."   †  Ingo Schlupp
02/16/22 Oswald Schmitz “Animals and the Zoogeochemistry of the Carbon Cycle”   †  Graduate Students
02/23/22 Luca Fornelli "Seeing the Invisible: The Quest for the Neglected Proteoforms."  †  Department
03/09/22 Erik Andersen "Genetics in the C. elegans niche: pheromones, genomes, and small RNAs." Gavin Woodruff
03/23/22 Kristian Forbes "A One Health approach tobat viruses in Kenya."  Daniel Becker
03/30/22 Jen Owen  “Some individuals are more infectious than others: environmental and genetic factors underlying variation in pathogen load of wildlife reservoir hosts” Daniel Becker
04/06/22 Jaclyn Schwartz “Effect of early-life immune activation on the ontogeny of learning:  Importance for understanding the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders.” †  Alexandra Bentz
04/13/22 Ken Fritz "Science to inform policy & management of non-perennial streams."  †  Michelle Busch
04/20/22 Dahiana Arcila "Decoding the Diversity of Fishes." † Department
04/27/22 Sen Xu "Evolution of sex and recombination: insights from the microcrustacean Daphnia." Larry Weider
05/04/22 Rosana Zenii-Ferguson TBD † Elizabeth Miller 

* All seminars noted with † will be conducted only via Zoom at 4:30 p.m., Central Time