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About me:

I am Scott Russell, a professor of botany at the University of Oklahoma, which is a comprehensive non-land grant university located in Norman, Oklahoma, where I have worked since completing my doctorate in 1981. I have taught General Botany (BOT 1114), Cell Biology (BOT 3113), Plant Anatomy (BOT 4283), Comparative Vascular Plant Morphology (BOT 5264) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (BOT/MBIO/ZOOL 5364) -- the latter three on a continuing basis. My research area of specialization is sexual plant research. If you are interested, here is my faculty page and my lab research page.

About this site:

This site is my effort to compile useful botany education resources for advanced high school (AP-biology) through collegiate and even research levels. I have rated sites on a 4-star scale emphasizing educational value, completeness and scientific correctness and try to add resources daily during weekdays. Please contact me if you have a nomination. I try to feature each site only once, so please check to see if I have already found it (I do each day).

I started this site on February 7, 1996, with the goal of accumulating botanical resources for the educational community. I wanted to start out slowly, so I just featured one site a day. I thought that sounded like "not too much work". Of course, that was about 9 years ago! Now the site includes some 1863 links. The site actually has two parts: (1) the current month's links (on the home page and (2) a subject index of all past featured sites. The site of the day is available on the home page, by listserv mailing and by RSS

Home Delivery Option:

If you wish to learn about my daily selection as soon as it is posted, you might consider joining my listserv, which sends the selection every morning (or so). For full information, please visit the Home Delivery site. If you have a News Feed consolidator, you may be interested in the XML feed.

For more info:

Please see my FAQ page.


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This service is organized by Scott Russell through the Department of Botany and Microbiology of the University of Oklahoma. If you have any comments for the improvement this page or nominations for links, please contact me by email (srussell@ou.edu) or use the nomination form.