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January 2003
Science Online

Featured in Science's NetWatch
August 17, 2001
DaVinci Press Pick-of-the-Week
March 7, 1999
The School Page
November, 1998
( of 5)
Critical Mass
June 29, 1999
20 June 1997
Orchid Award
7 May 1997
Scout Report Selection
18 April 1997

12 July 2000

Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science
14 September 1997
Summer 1998
EducationIndex Award
2 Apr 1997
8 July 1997
Academic Info
13 July 1998
InfoseekOctober 1997
Selected () as a "best bet" for information content
New Scientist Keysites ALA Choice Sites
Botanical Society of America
Endorsed as a model botany link site by the Botanical Society of America Education Committee.
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The Brain Station
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Rated by Schoolzone's panel of expert teachers
July 13, 2000
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