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[Here is this month's list of references and annotations waiting to be added to the subject list usually once a month. I update this page daily.]
Best of SBLD - refeatured sites from the last ten years - an announcement
Impact of Alien Plants on Hawai‘i's Native Biota - the 86 most invasive plants among 4,600 exotic species introduced into the islands
Suburban Habitat - focuses on the home environment as an opportunity to cultivate a home ecosystem
IG-Ascleps: Asclepiadaceae webstie - links and information about plants in the milkweed family, Asclepiadaceae, including photo images and paintings
UK West Country Exotics - exotic plants and plantings in the gardens of South West England
Erika Sonder's 'Portable Herbarium' - herbarium specimens become art on this artist's site
Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder - links to hundreds of images of carnivorous plants on his and other sites
La Société Mycologique Vaudoise Photos - 1366 images of fungi, cactuses and succulents from a Swiss society
Neotropical Blueberries - Ericaceae in the Western Hemisphere, including over 1400 images, dichotomous keys, chromosome numbers and more
Cercle de Mycologie de Mons - about 1700 spectacular images of fungi
Palaeos - website about the earth, its history and its inhabitants
Dr. Walker's Morphology Photos - images of plant morphology emphasizing some of the rarer groups of vascular plants
Blue Planet: World Biomes - succinct and diverse introduction to the major biomes
Australian Plants Society - Tasmania - Tasmanian treasures, curiosities, images, continental drift from Gondwana and much more
Australian Flora Resources - Australian plant information, Australian plants in cultivation and People, Art and Culture
Scott's Botanical Links - ten year anniversary of Scott's Botanical Links
Sophora Toromiro Management Group - site devoted to reestablishing Sophora toromiro back on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), in an attempt to reverse extinction and ecological disaster
Phylotaxis - media selection of science news
George's Microscopy Pictures - professional quality images of antique microscopes and interesting specimens
Australian National Herbarium - explanations of herbarium mission, specimen collection and management, plant photographs, flora information and virtual site
CSU-Pomona: Plant Morphology - online manual, glossary, Powerpoint presentations, survey of phyla and cladograms
Micro*scope - Internet Resources for Microscopy - images and information on aquatic organisms are available by browsing scientific name lists, habits, hierarchical links and direct search
Union of Concerned Scientists - independent nonprofit alliance of >100,000 citizens and scientists advocating science in determining public policy
Algal-ED - extensive images, descriptions, keys and Quicktime movies on freshwater algae
Microscopy - excellent microscopic images of a myriad of themes
Oxford: Virtual Field Herbarium - browsable plant database, and guide to the creation of your own tropical plant field guide
Morfologia de Plantas Vasculares - Argentine site on plant anatomy, morphology, evolution, cytology and cell organization
Nashville Natives - ecological restoration
Henriette's Herbal Medicine Pages - an ethnobotany site with numerous classical herbals online, a forum with archives, and over 7000 images
DFMO: Duke Forest Mycological Observatory - an ongoing examination of fungal community structure
Duke Mycology: Mushrooms of North Carolina - images of common fungi
Judge rules against "intelligent design" - a federal ruling on the Dover School Board case
Funghi in Italia (in Italian) - Fungi in Italy has an extensive collection of large images with annotation and a detailed (and well illustrated) forum
Bad Science from Guardian Unlimited - a weekly column on pseudoscience and critical thinking
Plant Stamps of the World - a collection of postage stamp images listed by country are listed both by issuing country and by plant family
Trees of Stanford - 350 species representing 150 genera and sixty families of trees, shrubs and vines growing on the Stanford University central campus
Julian H. Miller Mycological Herbarium - information about the herbarium, frequently asked questions on fungi, a glossary, mushrooms and art, mushroom stamps, as well as Georgia fungi, checklists and Fungi of the Tropics
Photo Gallery of Myxomycetes - 175 images of slime molds from many of the known genera
Bamboo Home Page - images and descriptions of 30 Japanese bamboos and 17 other world species
Protist Information Server - massive number of images of unicellular and colonial eukaryotes as research and education resources, including algae and fungi
Protist Movie Database - includes 92 genera, 184 species and 264 specimens in Quicktime movie format
CIAT: Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical - international organization that supports the development and dissemination of improved food and forage crops as well as many other aspects of agriculture with special emphasis on Asia and Africa
ASNAPP - Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products - dedicated to developing successful natural product agribusiness to reduce poverty in rural communities
ArabidopsisGFP: Arabidopsis Gene Family Profiler - microarray chip data displayed by genes (using names, AGI or BAC gene locus), families or super-families
Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - linked references to herbs with medicinal and aromatic compounds
Backyard Conservation - conserve and improve natural resources on the land around your home
Scientific Inquiry through Plants (Sip3) - groups of students conducting experiments are matched with botanist volunteers from around the country trading information and ideas over the Internet
Collaborative Pre-University Science Projects - novel ideas for research,emphasizing microorganisms: bacteria, algae, fungi
World Science - online magazine of science articles, not much on plants though
Plastid Proteome Database (PPDB) - databases for predicted and experimentally determined plastid proteins in Arabidopsis and maize
Wildflowers and Other Plants of Southern California - botanicial descriptions and detailed information on over 1800 taxa
Southern Wetland Flora - color images, drawings, distribution maps and plant descriptions for each of 300 species
Southern Appalachian/Blue Ridge Mountains Trail Wildflower Index - wildflower images listed by common name, scientific name and dates of photos
IUCN/SSC Top 50 Plants Campaign - information on threatened plants for decision makers, conservation practitioners and the general public
NASA: World Wind - eatures include a 3D engine, blue marble (whole earth imaging), Landsat 7, spectrographic earth imaging
Gallery of Plant Images (University of Seville) - images, systematics and comparative morphology of angiosperms and gymnosperms
Inside Plants Live - covers many aspects of gardening inside the home, dorm, and office
Google Earth - view satellite and terrain imagery of anywhere on the globe
More Misconceptions When Teaching about Plants - 50 plant misconceptions on basic topics, like photosynthesis, reproduction, physiology and more!
Avoid Misconceptions When Teaching about Plants - 50 plant misconceptions on basic topics, like photosynthesis, reproduction, physiology and more!
Plants and Their Uses - lectures and images about crops and plant utilization in general
BAD PHYSICS: Misconceptions spread by K-6 textbooks - what is right and what is wrong about grade school physics
Rice Knowledge Bank - all about rice (Oryza sativa), including growth, morphology, stages, training materials, research, a kid's site, nutrition information, recipes
Grass Manual on the Web - many species of the Poaceae (Graminae) are shown, with distribution maps, systematic treatments, illustration, images, notes and synonomies
Mediterranean Garden Society - links on climate, discussions, gardens and most importantly, an excellent section on plants
UGA: Fact Sheets - Agriculture, Pest Management, Horticulture, Plant Pathology - information on about any aspect of plants and life
Josef Hlasek's Photography Website - images of plants, fungi and animals
Online Etymology Dictionary - origins of myriad English words
ScienceBlog - public news releases published by a team of science editors, writers and enthusiasts
TNC: Global Invasive Species Initiative - dedicated to awareness and abatement of the effects of human-facilitated introduction of harmful invasive species and their effects
Kimball's Biology Pages - alphabetical searchable topic list with useful reference information
IgNobel Web Page - commemorating research which "cannot or should not be reproduced"
Biology Labs - laboratory experiments designed for young people, grades 7-12, for home, hobby or school
UBC: Botany Photo of the Day - excellent images matched by high quality scientific discussion
Diagnosis of Mineral Deficiencies in Plants by Visual Symptoms - visual symptoms published in 1943 with color images of some 35 crop plants
AP Biology: Plant Biology - excellent overview of plant biology topics for AP biology
JGI Eukaryotic Genomics - dedicated to sequencing entire genones of nucleated organisms in each of the major groups in the tree of life phylogeny
PISCO: Marine Algal Taxonomic Database - major marine algae, synonyms, descriptions and digitized images searchable by scientific name
Crop Production by Hydroponics - soil-less form of plant propagation with history, nutrition and commercial applications
Autumn Foliage Changes - features images and extensive data on leaf color change, leaf fall, leaf images and stimuli involved in leaf senescence
Wild Plants of Malta - database of nomenclatural information, descriptions, Maltese common names, endemics, botanical data, photos and further information
Microbiological Garden - galleries of bacterial groups, communities and environments
Understanding Evolution - your one-stop choice for information on evolution - evolution ideas, lesson plans, news, knowledge base, classroom strategies, reference materials, history and more
USDA National Nutrient Database - food composition of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and many processed foods, giving protein, amino acid, lipid, carbohydrate and sugar profiles
ITALIC - The Information System on Italian Lichens - information system on Italian lichens
Australian Native Foods - native plants that have had aboriginal uses and could be modified to produce commercial fruit or crops
Eduardo Kac - KAC WEB - 21st century art site examining transformation as an artistic medium and challenging paradigms surrounding human's unique qualities
Bush Tucker Plants (Australian Native Food Plants) - focusing on about 15 native aboriginal plants, providing information, images, plant descriptions, usages and sometimes recipes
Plant-Hormones.Info - nature, history, biosynthesis, metabolism and functional activities of traditional plant hormones, including abscisic acid, auxins, cytokinins, ethylene, and gibberellins
Foraging With the "Wildman" - capturing natural foods from your garden, lawn, and environment
Vertical Farm - a solution to population growth, increasing urbanization and decline of suitable arable land?
Plant Biology for Non-science Majors (UMD BIOSCI 124) - lecture notes and supporting materials for a number of instructors
Biological Identity of Procaryotes - information about their structure, biology, systematics, endosymbiosis origin of organelles and evolution at an advanced undergraduate
Lesson Planet: Lesson Plans for Botany - links to lesson sites are given, along with grade level and a short description
Leaf ID 101 - images of leaves and bark accompany lesson plans and worksheets for a high school biology course
Biology at the Open Door Web Site - resource for students and teachers at the sixth to eighth grade level
Natural Products - The Chemicals that Shaped the World - 9 lectures provide a perspective on the evolution of secondary plant biochemical products and why there are so many, among other questions