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Shaorong Liu

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Shaorong Liu

Shaorong Liu


B.S., 1982, Huazhong Normal University
Ph.D., 1995, Texas Tech University
Postdoc, 1996-1997, Northeastern University;
1997-1998, University of California at Berkeley

Phone: (405) 325-9013

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Replaceable cross-linked polyacrylamide for separation of real-world sample
Two-dimensional high performance liquid chromatography for intact proteins

Our research is focused primarily on capillary and microfabricated systems for bioanalysis. We are especially interested in developing and implementing new separation technologies onto capillary and/or microfluidic devices for DNA and protein analysis. Current active projects include: (1) Development of a hybrid chip-based and automated two-dimensional electrophoresis platform for high-speed, high-throughput and sensitive protein analysis. Our target is to separate more than 10,000 proteins in one run in less than two hours. (2) Narrow capillary for DNA separations in gel-free separations. With a nanocapillary we can separate DNA from a few base pairs to hundreds of thousands of base pairs in a single run. It can be an improved alternative technique for Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis. This project is aimed at identifying a single bacterium for infectious diseases. (3) Nanomaterials: Fabrication, investigation and application of liquid behavior and mass transport in/through nanochannels. We have discovered the ion-enrichment and ion-depletion effect at micro-nanochannel interfaces. We have invented a new separation technique based on unique distributions of ions in nanoscale capillaries — the Nanochannel chromatography. We have developed a nanochannel membrane for fuel cell applications. (4) Inventing new micropumps for lab-on-chip devices. We have developed a flow battery or pressure power source that can be stacked to produce pressures of more than a thousand psi. The immediate goal is to integrate such a pressure power source, along with an injection valve and detector, on a microchip for HPLC separations.

Chip devices produced in our lab
Chip devices produced in our lab
Class 1000 cleanroom
Our class 1000 cleanroom equipped with all instruments for glass chip fabrication

Research keywords: development and application of microfluidic systems; bio-separation and bio-analysis; analytical instrumentation

List of Selected Publications