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Graduate FAQ

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General FAQ for Graduate Students

This may or may not affect you. You must maintain a 3.0 GPA to be considered in good standing with the department and the graduate college. If your GPA falls below a 3.0 with this lower grade, the graduate college will place you on academic probation.

In addition, you cannot make nine (9) or more hours of a C, D or F in any combination of your graduate coursework or you will be disenrolled from the doctoral program.

You will be notified by the graduate college about what you must do in order to complete your probation and be placed in good standing again.

PLEASE NOTE: This could jeopardize any GTA support that you are guaranteed in the first year of study or awarded prior to academic probation being determined. If the GTA list is distributed for the next semester prior to the end of the current semester and you initially receive a GTA position, this could be revoked if you are placed on probation at the end of that semester. 

First year students are typically guaranteed for the first 11 months, so long as students are in good standing. For students beyond the first year, each semester a request form is distributed for the next semester and must be submitted to the graduate program assistant on or before the due date listed on the form. GTA assignments are determined by the Assistant Chair.

If you are a new international or exchange student beginning your studies in the summer then you must enroll full time. For students who had a Spring appointment, there is no requirement for enrolling during the summer, unless you plan to graduate.

If you are graduating, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 hours. However, you should consider how to achieve reaching the 90 credit hours needed to graduate within a 5-year period.

You should plan to complete your degree in 5 years. Summer credits could benefit you in completing your degree in a timely manner. 

You must wait to be advised by the graduate committee prior to your first semester. In subsequent years, you should rely on the advice of your major professor and advisory committee. Then, you may enroll yourself through ONE

First year students are guaranteed 11 months of department support, so long as they are in good standing. The department has a limited number of laboratory sections offered in the summer, and this severely limits the number of GTA positions available.

There is a time between semesters that GTA services are not needed. It can be anywhere between May and August but is typically the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of August. During this time, pay is not administered.

Master's in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Admission to Candidacy – must be completed the semester before – more information can be found at ONE.

The Application for Graduation is submitted the semester you are graduating to the Office of Academic Records.

You must request to change your major code with the Graduate College.

All Ph.D. requirements and guidelines will apply. This online request is only available at the beginning of each semester. Please see the Graduate College web page for details.

Yes, see Section A, Item 3 of the Coursework Requirements in the M.S. Program Requirements. Please note that all such outside courses must be approved by the graduate committee. 

See page 8, Section VI of the M.S. Program Requirements.

The maximum number of CHEM 5990 Independent Study hours is 9 and the maximum number of CHEM 5960 Directed Reading is 6. 

You must be enrolled in at least 2 hours. However, this does not qualify you for any Tuition Waiver or Health Insurance benefits. You must enroll full time (5 hours in Fall/Spring and 3 hours in Summer) if you have a qualifying TA/RA position in order to receive a tuition waiver or health benefits.

Five credit hours during Fall/Spring, three credit hours during the Summer with a TA/RA appointment.

Nine credit hours during Fall/Spring, four credit hours during the Summer without a TA/RA appointment.

You must enroll in a minimum of 5 hours of graduate credit during Fall/Spring or 3 hours in the Summer.

You must have a .5 FTE TA/RA appointment (.5 FTE is considered a standard appointment).

You must be in good standing in your program of study.

Master of Science. – Thesis Option (specific to Thesis Students only)

You must have 30 credit hours total to graduate. See page 5 of the M.S. Program Requirements for more detailed information.

This is done during the second semester you join the program. See page 4, Section II B.1 of the M.S. Program Requirements for more detailed information.

You must choose 3 members in at least 2 divisions in the department.

There is no limit on how many you can take, but be aware that only 6 credit hours of CHEM 5980 will count toward your degree. Also note, students must be enrolled in 2 hours continuously per Spring/Fall once these hours are started.

Master of Science – Non-Thesis Option (specific to Non-Thesis Students only)

You must have 3 faculty in at least 2 divisions in the department.