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NameResearch Areas & Keywords
Michael T. AshbyInorganic | chemistry and biology of reactive intermediates; STEM; transferable skills; mentoring models 
Robyn A. BiggsOrganic, Chemical Eduation | chemical education; organic chemistry; mechanistic organization; curriculum development; laboratory development
Christina R. BourneBiochemistry, Structural Biology | structural biology; anti-bacterial; microbiology
Robert H. CichewiczNatural Products, Organic | antibiotics; cancer; drug discovery; fungi; infectious disease; natural products
Daniel T. GlatzhoferBiomaterials, Organic | energy conversion and storage; polymer chemistry; electrochemistry
Ronald L. HaltermanNanomaterials, Organic, Organometallics | organic synthesis; nanotechnology; non-covalent self-assembly
Ulrich H.E. HansmannComputational, Nanomaterials, Physical, Structural Biology | protein folding; aggregation; enhanced sampling techniques
Rama KothapalliSTEM Research Education, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology | undergraduates; research education
Shaorong LiuAnalytical, Bioanalytical | development and application of microfluidic systems; bio-separation and bio-analysis; analytical Instrumentation
Chuanbin MaoBiomaterials, Nanomaterials | nanotechnology; nanomedicine; biomaterials
Laura-Isobel McCallAnalytical, Bioanalytical, Biochemistry | mass spectrometry; metabolomics; chemical cartography; host-microbe communication; parasitology; drug development
Mark C. MorvantChemical Education, Organic | chemical education; organic polymers
Donna J. NelsonOrganic, Chemical Education, Diversity in Science, Public Perception of Science, Nanomaterials | organic mechanisms and education; science policy; organic chemistry of single walled carbon nanotubes
Kenneth M. NicholasOrganic, Organometallic | organic synthesis methodology; catalysis; organometallic chemistry
Oluwatobi OdeleyeChemical Eduation | undergraduate students; attitudes; chemical education; science; learning process; recollection; knowledge transfer 
Rakhi RajanBiochemistry, Structural Biology | Protein-Nucleic acid interactions; CRISPR; structural biology
Charles V. RiceBiophysical | MRSA, antibiotics, beta-lactams, drug development
George B. Richter-AddoBioinorganic, Inorganic, Structural Biology | biological inorganic chemistry; heme proteins; nitric oxide
Valentin RybenkovBiochemistry, Biophysics, Computational | chromatin structure; single DNA nanomanipulations; enzymology; antibiotic discovery and development
Bayrammurad SaparovInorganic, Solid State, Materials | solid state chemistry, materials chemistry, hybrid organic-inorganic materials, chalcogenides, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, magnetism, superconductivity
Susan J. SchroederBiochemistry, Physical, Structural Biology | RNA structure, function and energetics relationships; RNA structure prediction; RNA thermodynamics
Yihan ShaoComputational, Physical, Biochemistry | enzymatic reactions, bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, multi-scale modeling algorithms; quantum chemistry methods
Indrajeet SharmaOrganic, Organomettalic, Drug Discovery | synergistic catalysis; diazo chemistry; biomimetic synthesis
Paul A. SimsBiochemistry, Chemical Education | enzymology; biocatalysis; biochemical education
Shanteri SinghNatural Product Biosynthesis, Structural Biology, Biochemistry | chemoenzymatic, chemical biology, enzymes, X-ray, NMR
Ann H. WestBiochemistry, Structural Biology | signal transduction; structural biology; protein phosphorylation
Robert L. WhiteAnalytical | infrared and mass spectrometric analysis; environmental chemistry
Si WuAnalytical, Bioanalytical | proteomics; top-down MS; histone; PTM
Zhibo YangAnalytical, Bioanalytical, Physical | mass spectrometry; live single cell analysis; mass spectrometry imaging; instrumentation; metabolomics; fundamental ion chemistry
Wai Tak YipNanomaterials, Physical | sensor development; solar energy harvesting; single-molecule photophysics
Helen I. ZgurskayaBiochemistry | cell membrane biochemistry