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Faculty Research Areas

To find out more about our research faculty, please refer to the two tables below, which are sorted by name and by research area.

Faculty by Name

NameResearch Areas & Keywords
Michael T. AshbyInorganic | chemistry and biology of reactive intermediates; STEM; transferable skills; mentoring models 
Robyn A. BeaulieuOrganic, Chemical Eduation | chemical education; organic chemistry; mechanistic organization; curriculum development; laboratory development
Christina R. BourneBiochemistry, Structural Biology | structural biology; anti-bacterial; microbiology
Robert H. CichewiczNatural Products, Organic | antibiotics; cancer; drug discovery; fungi; infectious disease; natural products
Daniel T. GlatzhoferBiomaterials, Organic | energy conversion and storage; polymer chemistry; electrochemistry
Ulrich H.E. HansmannComputational, Nanomaterials, Physical, Structural Biology | protein folding; aggregation; enhanced sampling techniques
Rama KothapalliSTEM Research Education, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology | undergraduates; research education
Shaorong LiuAnalytical, Bioanalytical | development and application of microfluidic systems; bio-separation and bio-analysis; analytical Instrumentation
Chuanbin MaoBiomaterials, Nanomaterials | nanotechnology; nanomedicine; biomaterials
Laura-Isobel McCallAnalytical, Bioanalytical, Biochemistry | mass spectrometry; metabolomics; chemical cartography; host-microbe communication; parasitology; drug development
Mark C. MorvantChemical Education, Organic | chemical education; organic polymers
Donna J. NelsonOrganic, Chemical Education, Diversity in Science, Public Perception of Science, Nanomaterials | organic mechanisms and education; science policy; organic chemistry of single walled carbon nanotubes
Kenneth M. NicholasOrganic, Organometallic | organic synthesis methodology; catalysis; organometallic chemistry
Oluwatobi OdeleyeChemical Eduation | undergraduate students; attitudes; chemical education; science; learning process; recollection; knowledge transfer 
Rakhi RajanBiochemistry, Structural Biology | Protein-Nucleic acid interactions; CRISPR; structural biology
Charles V. RiceBiophysical | MRSA, antibiotics, beta-lactams, drug development
George B. Richter-AddoBioinorganic, Inorganic, Structural Biology | biological inorganic chemistry; heme proteins; nitric oxide
Valentin RybenkovBiochemistry, Biophysics, Computational | chromatin structure; single DNA nanomanipulations; enzymology; antibiotic discovery and development
Bayram SaparovInorganic, Solid State, Materials | solid state chemistry, materials chemistry, hybrid organic-inorganic materials, chalcogenides, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, magnetism, superconductivity
Susan J. SchroederBiochemistry, Physical, Structural Biology | RNA structure, function and energetics relationships; RNA structure prediction; RNA thermodynamics
Yihan ShaoComputational, Physical, Biochemistry | enzymatic reactions, bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, multi-scale modeling algorithms; quantum chemistry methods
Indrajeet SharmaOrganic, Organomettalic, Drug Discovery | synergistic catalysis; diazo chemistry; biomimetic synthesis
Paul A. SimsBiochemistry, Chemical Education | enzymology; biocatalysis; biochemical education
Shanteri SinghNatural Product Biosynthesis, Structural Biology, Biochemistry | chemoenzymatic, chemical biology, enzymes, X-ray, NMR
Ann H. WestBiochemistry, Structural Biology | signal transduction; structural biology; protein phosphorylation
Robert L. WhiteAnalytical | infrared and mass spectrometric analysis; environmental chemistry
Si WuAnalytical, Bioanalytical | proteomics; top-down MS; histone; PTM
Zhibo YangAnalytical, Bioanalytical, Physical | mass spectrometry; live single cell analysis; mass spectrometry imaging; instrumentation; metabolomics; fundamental ion chemistry
Wai Tak YipNanomaterials, Physical | sensor development; solar energy harvesting; single-molecule photophysics
Helen I. ZgurskayaBiochemistry | cell membrane biochemistry

Faculty by Research Area