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Institute for Natural Products and Research Technologies (INPART)

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Institute for Natural Products and Research Technologies (INPART)

Photo of Institute for Natural Products and Research Technologies (INPART) Faculty

In just the few years since its formation, the Institute for Natural Products Applications and Research Technologies (INPART) at the University of Oklahoma has established itself as one of the largest teams of researchers in the central United States that is dedicated to the development and understanding of natural product based medicines. INPART functions as an alliance of collaborating scientists focused on the innovative use of secondary metabolites to generate new products for improving the human condition. The purpose of INPART is to find creative solutions that harness the power of natural products chemistry for generating new medicines that will improve human health and wellbeing. Using a combination of leading-edge technologies, INPART mines new natural products from a variety of sources and evaluates these compounds for their therapeutic applications.

With researchers focused on the wide variety of essential roles that natural products play in the drug development pipeline (e.g., total organic synthesis of lead compounds, medicinal chemistry optimization, drug target identification, biomolecular protein-small molecule binding, and natural products biosynthesis), INPART scientists are working toward the creation of new therapeutic agents that address unmet medical needs. Research at INPART is an inclusive process that welcomes researchers from many diverse fields to participate. INPART is committed to providing an enabling environment that elevates the scientific potential of all its members.