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Chemical Crystallography Laboratory Facility

Contact Information

Doug Powell, lab manager
The University of Oklahoma
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
101 Stephenson Parkway, room 2800
Norman, OK  73019-5251

(405)325-4542  office
(405)420-4800  cell
(405)325-6111  fax

Laboratory Location

The Crystallography Laboratory is located in room 2800 in the Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center that is on the OU south campus just east of the Lloyd Noble Center.  If the door is locked, try knocking or calling the numbers above.  

Instrument and Software

The primary diffractometer is a Bruker Quest with a Kappa goniometer, an ImuS molybdenum radiation source and optics, and a nitrogen-streaming low temperature device.  The primary programs used in the laboratory are the Bruker APEX routines and the SHELX programs by Prof. George Sheldrick.  

Funding Acknowledgement

In all publications and presentations that include results from this lab, please acknowledge funds from NSF grant CHE-1726630 and the University of Oklahoma to purchase the diffractometer.  

General Policies

All in-lab users of the facility must follow the safety policies listed in the radiation safety web page.  No user may disable or modify any safety device without express permission of the lab manager.  All users of the lab software must abide by all end-user software agreements between OU and the vendors.  

All lab policy decisions are made in consultation with the Chemistry and Biochemistry department steering committee.  Questions about lab policies may be directed to the lab manager or to Prof. Daniel Glatzhofer, (405)325-3834.