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About Our Undergraduate Program

  • Numerous awards - including several prestigious teaching awards
  • Several Fulbright scholars
  • OU Communication scholars have produced more than 60 books, nearly 200 articles and book chapters, and  more than 260 convention papers in a ten-year span
  • Nationally Ranked among all institutions with a doctoral program in Communication; based on two separate reviews conducted by the National Communication Association in 1996 and 2004.
  1. 6th in Communication Education (1996); not an area reviewed in 2004
  2. 6th in Intercultural Communication (1996); 9th in Intercultural-International Communication (2004)
  3. 11th in Applied Communication, including Health Communication and Political Communication (1996); 13th in Health Communication (2004) and Political Communication (2004)
  4. 17th in Organizational Communication (1996)
  5. 21th in Interpersonal-Small Group Communication (2004)
  6. 25th in Mass Communication (2004)
  7. 25th in Communication Theory and Research, including Interpersonal Communication, Small Goup Communication, and Family Communication (1996)
  • Faculty Members have received large NIH, NSF, and other federal and private funding for their research and teaching
  • Lambda Pi Eta - honor society for Communication majors
  • Annual Josh Lee Memorial Speaking Competition for students

Theory and Practice

The goal of our undergraduate program is sharing the best available theories of communication and facilitating the application of these theories for:

  • the improvement of the student's communication skills,
  • increased understanding of the communication process, and
  • development of the student's ability to analyze and interpret the elements of the communication process as they occur in society.

The department strives to achieve these objectives through varied coursework designed to prepare students for the variety of careers available to communication graduates, through practical field experiences obtained from an internship program, and through practical experience in other departmental programs.

Graduates from the program are employed in a wide variety of people-oriented careers, including management, community leadership, public relations, sales, and organizational and human resource development. Our on-going transition to an information-based society makes the skills of our majors highly valued by employers. As Roger B. Smith, former General Motors Chief Executive, noted: "Everything we do depends on the successful transfer of meaning from one person or group to another. In fact, it's not much of an exaggeration to say that communication is really what business is all about."

Our undergraduate program seeks to prepare majors for diverse career opportunities, prepare gifted students for advanced work, and develop the communication skills that contribute to the long- term advancement and happiness of all students.

For information on course advising, advising forms, course waiver request forms, internship requirements, and application for internship forms, contact:

Stephanie Terrazas
Academic Counselor
Department of Communication
610 Elm Avenue, Room 110
Norman, Oklahoma 73019