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Showcase Seminar

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2020 Showcase Seminar Speaker

Tom Feeley-COMM

Dr. Adam Richards


B.A., Wake Forest University, 2006

M.A., University of Montana, 2009

Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2014


Department of Communication Studies, Texas Christian University, 2013-present


Dr. Adam Richards is an associate professor at Texas Christian University who studies persuasive communication primarily in health contexts. His main line of research investigates message features used in public health campaigns that either strategically mitigate or unintentionally enhance resistance to influence attempts. He is currently consulting with an area hospital to analyze patient satisfaction surveys in order to make quality improvement recommendations about patient-centered communication. He has advised a number of graduate student projects, is passionate about graduate mentorship, and loves collaborating with students on research. When not professing, he enjoys tending to his backyard beehives, chickens, and vegetable garden.


2020 tentative schedule  


University of Oklahoma Department of Communication

4th Annual Showcase Seminar

Friday February 28th, 2020

Recruits transported to campus: breakfast in Memorial Union

Individual meetings of potential graduate students with Faculty in offices in Burton Hall
Lunch in Zarrow Hall: Rhyne Community Room (current & potential graduate students and faculty)

Guest Scholar: Dr. Adam Richards, Associate Professor

Department of Communication, Texas Christian University

“The Effects of Color in Persuasive Communications”

Zarrow School of Social Work: Rhyne Community Room



Concurrent Sessions Showcasing OU Graduate Student Research

Session A: Bizzell 1118: (across from the coffee bar)

                  Intercultural and International Communication

1. “Open or stereotyped communication? The ascribed identities of Nigerian sojourners living in the U.S.” Doris Acheme

2. “Understanding the Friendship Formation of Chinese International Students with a Longitudinal Social Networks Analysis.” Dingyi Kang

3. The Stiletto in Putin’s Side”: Opening the Discourse About Female Candidates Beyond the Western Paradigm by Examining Media Coverage of Ksenia Sobchak.” Maria Shpeer & Dr. Lindsey Meeks

4. “In-Laws, Communication, and Other Frustrations: The Challenges of Intercultural Marriages.”  Anthony Machette & Dr. Ioana Cionea.

5. “Turning Points during Cross-cultural Adaptation.” Val Biwa


Session B: Bizzell 2111 (lower level 2)

                   Communication in Various Contexts

 1. “#BlackMentalHealthMatters: An Analysis of Mental Health Hashtags on Black Twitter.”  Tianna Cobb and Dr. Lindsey Meeks                  

2. “Measuring the Communicative Potential of Military Veterans.”  William T. Howe Jr.

3. “Meta Advice: Training Organizational Members to Practice Advice-Seeking.” Pavitra Kavya

4. “Communicating Cultism in the Media: Sensegiving of Cult Status.” Kyle Hammonds & Dr. Michael W. Kramer

5. “Does How You Feel About Yourself Matter? The Effects of Self-Concepts Activation and Risk Experience on Narrative Efficacy.” Haijing Ma and Doris Acheme.



Guest Scholar: Dr. Adam Richards

The Strategic Graduate Student

Bizzell LL1118 (across from coffee bar)


6:00Recruits have dinner with CGSA representatives

Past Speakers:  

Dr. Tom Feeley, Department of Communication at the University of Buffalo 2019
Dr. Melinda Villagran, Department of Communication Texas State University 2018 (also an alum of our department)
Dr. Sarah Riforgiate, Department of Communication, Kansas State University 2017