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Center for Social Justice

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The WGS Center for Social Justice

Our Mission

The WGS Center for Social Justice is committed to the pursuit of justice, equality, and rights through local and global community engagement. We embrace interdisciplinary approaches to teaching, research, and creative praxis. The CSJ offers a platform for social and ecological justice advocacy and awareness, while creating opportunities for students to create positive change.


By participating in programs, classes, and events sponsored by the Center, students receive practical and academic tools to better understand the sources of inequality in their local and global communitie and the means to address them. Additionally, by creating a platform for social justice advocacy and awareness, the Center provides students the opportunity to become engaged citizens. The Center’s mission reflects The University of Oklahoma’s vision of preparing students of all academic majors for working in and contributing to the local and global communities in which we live.

Commitment to Anti-racist Action

Please click here to read our “Commitment to Anti-racist Action” statement.