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Social Justice Awards

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Social Justice Awards

Clyde Snow Social Justice Award

Clyde Snow



The WGS Center for Social Justice awarded the first Clyde C. Snow Social Justice Award on May 18, 2012 to Dr. Snow. In keeping with Dr. Snow’s legacy, this biennial award recognizes a person or group whose work supports survivors of human rights abuses, honors victims of atrocities, and advocates on behalf of communities in the pursuit of justice. 

Robert D. Lemon Social Justice Awards

Each year the Center for Social Justice honors one student, one faculty member, and one staff member who works to make our world a better place. Nominations are reviewed by a committee, and awards are presented each May. Nominees are people who demonstrate courage, compassion, and leadership while working to eliminate discrimination, oppression, and injustice locally and globally. The Social Justice Awards highlight individuals’ tireless efforts to impact our world, and inspire others to do the same.