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Spring 2022 Events


Teach Out on Race will be held on February 25th from 10:30am-2:30pm. This event will be held virtually via Zoom and registration is required. 

Register here:

Continuing the theme of the sixth annual TeachOUt on Race: Creative Disruptive Spaces (Spring 2021), the WGS Center for Social Justice envisions the seventh annual TeachOUt as a more inclusive event that centers students’ experiences of continued racial oppression and recognizes student activist groups doing the work of fighting these oppressions on campus and in the community.

We envision a three-part event, the first of which will provide safe spaces for students to give voice to concerns about and share personal experiences involving racism. The second part will feature a collaborative panel who will answer questions framed around how to have difficult conversations about racism. Lastly, Teach OUt will close with a workshop presented by Dr. Renea Butler-King.

For more information about Teach OUt, visit

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Documenting Histories of Reproductive Injustice: Mexican-origin People’s Experiences of Eugenic Sterilization in California, 1900s-1950s

Join Dr. Natalie Lira on March 2nd at 5pm via Zoom for this event. Registration is required. Register here:

Dr. Lira will provide a lecture and conversation about her new book Laboratory of Deficiency: Sterilization and Confinement in California, 1900-1950s. Laboratory of Deficiency documents the ways that Mexican-origin people sought out creative resistance to institutional control and offers insight into how race, disability, and social deviance have been called upon to justify the confinement and reproductive constraint of certain individuals in the name of public health and progress.