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Our Programs

The programs of the Center for Social Justice work together to provide practical and academic tools to better understand our local and global communities. We offer experiential learning alongside an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the complexities and critical analysis of structural inequalities and injustices within a variety of fields. 

Social Justice Events & Activism:

Our events integrate social justice awareness and promote the importance of activism in students’ everyday lives. The Center’s events include film festivals, workshops, awareness campaigns, fundraisers, discussion groups, art shows, book clubs, symposiums, lunches, lectures, and more.


Every semester, we bring a social justice activist to campus. The activists come from a variety of social justice backgrounds and travel to Norman from around the world. Activists hold workshops, lead discussion groups, teach classes, screen movies, assist in planning projects and campaigns, and are available to students for informal conversations.

Graduate Student Research Fellows:

This program facilitates networking and interdisciplinary collaborations, fosters an interdisciplinary understanding of social justice, supports social justice research, and serves as a venue to find partners in research.

Teach OUt on Race

Teach OUt is an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to intentionally consider what it means to practice anti-racism across the spaces where we teach, learn, and lead.  

Social Justice Awards:

Each year the WGS Center for Social Justice honors students, faculty, and staff who demonstrate compassion, courage, and leadership on behalf of social justice with the Robert D. Lemon Social Justice Award. Nominees from across campus are people who work to eliminate discrimination, oppression, and injustice locally and/or globally.

Every other year, the Center for Social Justice presents the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award to honor individuals and organizations whose work contributes to the re-humanization of victims of human rights abuses.

Other Social Justice Programs

Women's and Gender Studies offers other social justice programs, such as the social justice minor and service learning classes.

Social Justice Minor:

Students can pursue a Minor in Social Justice through Women's and Gender Studies. Courses offered through the Social Justice Minor introduce students to the complexities of structural inequalities and injustices while teaching students critical thought processes.