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Group of Students at the economics scholars program


An economics major is useful in preparing students for careers in the business world as well as graduate study. The exposure to economic analysis (theoretical and empirical) makes economics majors attractive to many job recruiters and graduate schools because of the exposure to rigorous analytical thinking.

The skills taught to economics majors provide a solid foundation and preparation for many business occupations. Occupations that attract students with these kinds of skills include consulting firms, commercial banks, oil companies, investment firms and utility companies. 

Economics majors are also attractive to various branches of the federal, state and local governments. These agencies offer extensive employment opportunities for undergraduate economics majors. For example, the Departments of Agriculture, Labor, Commerce and Treasury are the biggest federal employers of economics majors. At the state level, Corporation Commission, Office of the State Treasurer, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Department of Commerce are among the major recruiters. Other big recruiters of economics majors include the Federal Reserve Banks and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Economics majors are very well-suited and prepared for advanced degrees in economics, business, and law school. Many law school representatives believe that economics is one of the best and most desired pre-law majors because of the analytical training and logical thinking involved in the discipline. Also, a growing number of universities offer joint degrees in law and economics. The wide ranges of theoretical, analytical and empirical courses offered ensure that our undergraduate program equips students with the skills to successfully pursue advanced degrees in economics.

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