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Economics in London

Group of students with Dr. Burge and Dr. Hamory in London

Program Highlights

The financial capital of the world, London is a wonderful location to learn about economics! Tour world-renowned academic institutions of financial research with your OU faculty experts. Visit historical sites and see the evolution of industry from ancient, medieval, to modern era. 

  • Historic sites including the John Snow Walk and Tower of London
  • World famous British Museum and London Transportation Museum
  • Tours of the London School of Economics and University College London
  • Day trip to Bath, a cozy town known for its ancient Roman baths

Academic Requirements

  • ECON 4353: Urban Economics (Professor Greg Burge)

    Public expenditures, their nature, cause of the increase, and classification; sources of public revenue; methods of distributing the tax burdens; public debts and debt management; introduction to fiscal theory and policy

  • ECON 4853: World Economic Development (Professor Joan Hamory)

    The economics of the developing nations; a review and analysis of common problems and issues.  

Economics, Politics, and Culture of Turkey

Picture of students with faculty members near a historic monument


Come with us as we explore the wonders of Turkey's lustrious cities! Travel with us and discuss politics, economics, sociology, culture, history, architecture, urban planning, and more over delicious food while you explore beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Program Highlights

Travel all around Turkey comparing and contrasting the past and the present, East and the West

  • Visit thousand years old churches, synagogues, mosques, ancient temples, palaces, cities, monuments as well as some of the most exquisite examples of modern art
  • Learn about Turkish cuisine, culture, religion, carpet weaving and silk trade, fig and mulberry trees, spice markets and Turkish bazaars, looting of ancient artifacts; cultural policy and museum controversies
  • Discuss current debates on political economy of development in the Middle East with a particular focus on Turkey
  • Gain a first-hand understanding of the role of religion in identity politics and the political economy of state formation
  • Enjoy the beach and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Academic Requirements

  • ECON 4970: A Survey of Culture, Economics and Politics of Turkey​ (Professor Firat Demir)

Provide students with a solid background in cultural, political, economic, institutional, and historical issues and challenges that have shaped the development trajectories of Turkey. Explore and critically evaluate the similarities and differences between regions.

  • IAS 3203: The Middle East Since WWI​ (Professor Joshua Landis)

Examines major religions and ethnic groups of the Middle East; also explores how the largest ethnic groups have decided to define their national identities.