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Film in English: Media Library and Resources

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Film in English: Media and Library Resources

Several English faculty members study film and media texts, and teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in these areas. The department maintains its own substantial film library that faculty and students are invited to use for teaching and research purposes. A viewing room that seats 20 people is available, as is a curriculum guide that points instructors toward valuable teaching tools.



Click here to access the English Department’s film library. For information on film and media checkout, please contact Kenneth Kimbrough.

Click here to open the film library's Film Guide.

The film library housed in the Film & Media Studies Program is also available to English Department faculty and staff.


Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium
The Film & Media Studies Progam and the Native American Studies Department sponsor the annual Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium at the University of Oklahoma. Each spring the festival explores a guiding theme in social issues within Native communities with visits from preeminent guests in Native American filmmaking, academic scholarship, and community activism from around the world. Events are free and open to the public. For more information, contact

Click here to access the Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium website. 
Click here to access the Native Crossroads Facebook page.


2243: Film Narrative
3243: Special Topics in Film
3263: Women & Film
3273: Comedy through Film
3363: Film and Contexts ("African Postcolonial Cinema" and "American Indian Film" are often taught under this number)
3423: Film and Other Expressive Forms
4253: Introduction to Film Theory

5223 Film Theory