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Images from Environmental Studies Program activities including people and logo.
Images from Environmental Studies Program activities including people and logo.

OU Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies (formerly the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment), is a collaborative teaching and research program with a student-guided curriculum designed to create the leadership and a workforce with the skills needed to help meet global challenges relating to water security and other pressing environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, and deforestation.

We also collaborate with the OU and surrounding communities to coordinate environmentally focused events that take place from World Water Day (March 22) until Earth Day (April 22) known as EarthMonth@OU. View the EarthMonth@OU website for more info or click on the above download to view the program schedules, sponsors, and activities from past events, then plan to join us next year for EarthMonth@OU2020!

Why Environmental Studies?

Environmental Studies provides an undergraduate curriculum that leverages water and other environmentally-related strengths with expertise across the University of Oklahoma, and provides for scholarly specialization in water-related and other environmental disciplines, in order to prepare students to participate effectively in socially-responsible solutions to some of the greatest environmental problems and threats facing humanity.

Environmental Studies prepares students for environmentally-related jobs, including those in federal, state, and tribal government agencies, environmental consulting firms, corporate, professional, and industrial enterprises, environmentally-related NGOs, journalism, public service, law, advocacy, and legislative lobbying efforts.

In the Summer of 2016, Environmental Studies became a standard Degree Program with both B.A. and B.S. degrees, as well as minor degrees in Environmental Studies, Water Sciences, and Biological Conservation. with a graduate program for standard 2-yr Master's of Science (M.S.) and beginning fall 2018, Environmental Studies will welcome our first Master's graduate students.

With several options available for supporting Environmental Studies students and activities...

 Please visit the "Make a Gift" page for more details.