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Changes to Our Programs

Starting with summer, 2021, Environmental Studies is transitioning to a revised degree program. The BA has been substantially changed, and we will no longer offer the BS.

Click to get in contact with us for questions about the requirements for the old or new majors.

The Revised (2021) Environmental Studies BA

The Environmental Studies BA has been reorganized so that it can better cultivate students’ ability to engage in interdisciplinary work on the environment. Starting with summer, 2021 we will no longer offer the BS, and the BA will include a 15-hour sequence of core courses and 15 hours of electives. A key goal of the core sequence is to develop our students’ sense of community within the major. With the electives, students will become acquainted with ways different disciplines approach the environment, and with ways different approaches can interact. Click to learn more about the revised BA.

Finishing up an Environmental Studies BS, or the Pre-2021 BA

Students already enrolled in the existing (prior to summer, 2021) BS and BA may continue on to graduation as planned. You might be able to switch to the “new” BA, and to graduate under those new requirements. But you should only switch if it works to your advantage. Consult with the Environmental Studies advisor to determine what is best for you. Click to learn more about completing your degree under the “old” rules.

Declaring an Environmental Studies Major Now

If you enrolled at OU prior to summer, 2021, and now want to declare an Environmental Studies major, you will pursue the "new" BA. Consult with the Environmental Studies advisor for more information.

If you enrolled at OU in the summer of 2021 (or later) only the “new” BA is available. Click to learn more about the revised BA, and consult with the Environmental Studies advisor.

Minoring in Environmental Studies

We also currently offer an Environmental Studies minor, as well as minors in two other topics. However as part of the revision of our academic programs we anticipate implementing substantial changes to the minors in 2023. Click to learn more about the minor(s) in Environmental Studies.