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Environmental Studies Degrees


The Environmental Studies Major offers two paths:

  • Bachelor of Sciences (BS) requires six credit hours of Environmental Research Experience for Students.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) without the required research.

Find additional requirement information as well as details regarding the unique resume building opportunity known as the Environmental Research Experience for Students (ERES), Independent Study and Environmental Internship on the Student Resources page. An additional benefit of being an Environmental Studies Major is having the opportunity to participate in any of these resume building activities regardless of your selection of BA or BS.


Environmental Studies offers three different Minors. So, if you have a passion for the environment as well as plans to major in an unrelated field but don't wish to spend time in your undergraduate career on a double major, no problem! You can continue to remain part of the conversation in the world of conservation, sustainability and environmental studies. Options for minor degrees with related coursework in the field of Environmental Studies include:


At this time we are not accepting applications for the Masters of Science in Environmental Studies. We will post further information about this program when available. Please contact us at if you have specific enquiries.

The Environmental Studies degree programs are approved by the University of Oklahoma and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Since the Summer of 2016, Environmental Studies has become a stand-alone program within the College of Arts and Sciences so students no longer have to major or minor in Environmental Studies through the Planned Programs system.

Paige Smith, the ENST Admin assistant, can answer your questions about the degrees offered as well as direct you to information regarding internships, undergraduate research, and other valuable resources. CAS advisors, Ryan Peters and Sarah Olzawski will be your primary advisors and appointments can be made with them in iAdvise. These contacts will work with you throughout your student career in the Environmental Studies program. Environmental Studies focuses on environmental issues, yet provides you with specific support and skill courses aimed at maximizing your chances in achieving your employment goals. 

If you have questions or think you may want to major or minor in Environmental Studies, please contact the Environmental Studies office:

Paige Smith
Phone: 405-325-0595