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Looking for courses this coming semester that fulfill checksheet requirements?

Environmental Studies Major or Minor?.. Not sure which courses to take?

Please see the Approved Course List for Environmental Studies Majors and Minors

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The Major Support Requirements can be found by clicking on Approved Course List for Major Support Requirements.

Fall 2020 Environmental Studies - Course Offerings:

Looking for a General Education Social Science? - ENST 1013: Consumption & the Environment.

Interested in Conservation issues? - ENST 3603: Global Perspectives on Wildlife Conservation and ENST 3613: Politics of Wildlife Conservation.

Need an interesting upper division elective? - Fall 2020 offers excellent Environmental Studies courses, four of which have upper division credit designation.

Enrollment is open, more details in or by sending email to the instructor for enrollment permission and course info

Click on the link for Environmental Studies Course Offerings or the tab on the left under Student Resources to see a full list of current OU Environmental Studies courses available to any undergraduate at OU. Some will require permission if you are not a major however, we encourage any and all who wish to become more environmentally aware to participate in our courses.

Environmental Studies Student, Alexa Beemer and her faculty research mentor, Dr. Abby Moore investigating options for research subjects from Norman's Sutton Wilderness.

Environmental Research Experiences for Students (ERES)

Click on this link for ERES - Environmental Research Experience for Students or the tab on the left under Student Resources to read more about this course credit research experince to help you supplement your resume and gain experience in actual research in case graduate school or research would be a possibility in your future plans. This opportunity is available to any undergraduate in Environmental Studies at OU and specifically required for those in the Environmental Studies Bachelor of Science program. In order to get started on this, it will require permission to work with a faculty mentor in your specialization of interest, so please take some time to read from the Affiliate Faculty list to find a mentor sharing your interest in Environmental Research. If you would like help or advice on the process for identifying and contacting a faculty researcher, please feel free to contact Liz Ross in the Environmental Studies office for assistance. 

Intern earning some service hours and learning the ropes at the OK Aquarium
Intern earning some service hours and learning the ropes at the OK Aquarium

Environmental Studies Related Careers and Internships

Internship Experience with course credit possible by enrolling in ENST 3800 (with permission from Environmental Studies Director, Dr. Hambright) any student interested in getting a headstart on their career should not pass up the opportunity to do an internship. We have a few options already from contacts in the region who have let us know that they are looking specifically for undergraduate interns with a passion for Environmental Studies. Click on the link for Careers and Internships or the tab on the left under the "Student Resources" tab to read more!