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First-Year Composition

The official logo of the First-Year Composition program at the University of Oklahoma superimposed over an image of the alley behind the Bizzell Library. On the logo, the words "University of Oklahoma" appear in black on a white background over an OU crimson rectangle. The rectangle has a square white border framing the letters FYC, with the F and C in white and the Y and rest of the surface area in OU crimson. Beneath the rectangle are the words "First-Year Composition" in black on a white background.
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Welcome to First-Year Composition at the University of Oklahoma!

The Office of First-Year Composition is committed to rhetorical education. As our students prepare both writing and speaking assignments, they practice communication skills learned from across the disciplines. Building such skills allows them to become respectful and effective participants in civil discourse. OU's FYC curriculum works to help build a citizenship composed of indiividuals that are capable of rhetorically analyzing discourse and using that analysis to productively communicate in the public sphere.

Spring 2022 Virtual Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 3 PM.

Please email us at to set up a call or video chat.

Statement on Russian Assault on Ukraine

The Department of English and the First-Year Composition Program condemn Russia’s assault on Ukraine. We are heartbroken by the war and its toll on Ukraine and Eastern Europe. As a department and university-wide first-year program, we are dedicated to educating students to become engaged citizens of the world, and so we abhor war and violence. We urge leaders and citizens around the world to do everything in their power to put an end to this war, help those affected by it, promote peace in the region, and end the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The University of Oklahoma is home to many students and faculty who are from Ukraine, Russia, and other nations in Eastern Europe or who have studied there. We especially care about the safety and wellbeing of our international students from this region, many of whom are experiencing unimaginable suffering. If you are a student in an English course from this region who needs support, please reach out to your instructor. We are here for you. If you are an international student from this region impacted by financial or other hardships, reach out to Rebecca Cruise, Shanna Vincent, or Robyn Rojas from the Central Education Abroad Office. Robyn Rojas works with student support services and is advocating for and supporting our Russian and Ukrainian students. Her email address is If you are a student in crisis for any reason, consider these resources in the community or these resources at OU.

If you are a faculty or staff member or a student not from these regions simply wondering how to help, please consider this list of charities working in the region developed by NPR. If you are a faculty member wondering how to talk about the conflict with your classes, consider this resource guide prepared by the Modern Language Association.

May peace return to Ukraine and its citizens be made whole once again. 

2017-2018 Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

The University of Oklahoma's First-Year Composition Program wins the 2017-2018 CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence. The photo, taken at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Kansas City in 2018, shows from left to right: Melissa Antonucci, Lecturer; Jennifer Chancellor, Lecturer; Amanda Klinger, Lecturer & Associate Director; Chris Edison, former Assistant Director; Roxanne Mountford, Professor and Director; Cassandra Woody, Lecturer and former Assistant Director; Jason Opheim, Assistant Director; Matthew Jacobson, senior Assistant Director; Kalyn Prince, incoming Assistant Director.

The University of Oklahoma’s First-Year Composition Program was selected to receive the Conference on College Composition and Communication’s 2017-2018 Writing Program Certificate of Excellence. Dr. Roxanne Mountford, Director of the FYC Program, and her team of past and present assistant directors, associate director, and two lecturers received the award in a ceremony in Kansas City, Missouri on March 16, 2018.

The selection committee, chaired by Scott Wible, noted, “OU’s FYC Program innovatively addresses the criteria associated with the award. The program exhibits dedication to excellent and responsive professional development and commitment to equity for various stakeholders; indeed, the committee found this program’s labor practices to be exemplary. The composition course outcomes and methods of instruction/assignment design exhibit best practices. Especially innovative is the way the program promotes ‘rhetorical education’ through ‘civic empathy.’ Assessment practices demonstrate comprehensive reflection in response to both quantitative and qualitative data.”

The award honors the significant investments in sustainable, high-quality instruction made by the College of Arts and Sciences at the request of the English Department, as well as the work of Mountford and her team. The changes to the program have been popular with both students and instructors. In FYC’s assessment of the curriculum, 94% of FYC students reported that they valued their learning experience, and 97% agreed that they were free to choose topics that interested them. Students also claimed that their course assignments prepared them to “respectfully engage in public discussions,” one of the core goals of the curriculum.

Our full application for the Writing Program Certificate of Excellence is available for those interested in more information about our program.