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Adjunct Faculty

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profile picture of Bailey Brooks

MA in English: Rhetoric and Writing Studies. Concentration in Creative Writing, University of Oklahoma. 2021

Research Interests:
Creative writing; historical fiction, creative non-fiction; feminist rhetoric; AFAM studies, Native studies, Mixed Race studies, LGBTQ+ studies; Engaged Pedagogy

“Daughter of Orisha” in The Aster Review, Vol 4, Fall 2020

Profile Picture of Lamanda Conrad

M.A. Literary & Cultural Studies, University of Oklahoma, 2017

Research Interests:
Lamanda Conrad's research examines how religion and politics, during the European Reformation, influenced literature and social norms. Particularly, her work focuses on the written works of John Donne, John Milton, and William Shakespeare. Her thesis explores relious casuistry in 16th and 17th centuries England and how "silence" in Shakespeare's Hamlet represents the religious and political climate of the period. Currently, Lamanda is focused on teaching writing for the English Department.

2017: “But Break My Heart for I Must Hold My Tongue: Silence, Casuistry & Diplomacy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.” Presented at the Multidisciplinary Renaissance Conference at The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies, Chicago, Illinois.

2015: “Let Not Thine Hearts Be Troubled: Body & Soul in John Donne’s Devotions.” Presented at the Seventeenth-Annual Shakespeare Conference at The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

Contact Information:

M.A., Indiana University 

Larry Steele is a professional educator who has been teaching since 1973. He graduated from OU and got his Masters at Indiana University. He has been teaching Composition at OU for the past 10 years. He is married and has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. He loves teaching at the college level and especially at OU. 

Prof S has been published in some monthly political journals and is a regular with letters to the editor in the Norman Transcript!

Pat Wilson

BA in English - University of Ok
Masters in Liberal Studies/Administrative Leadership - Univ. of OK

Pat Wilson has worked at The University of Oklahoma since she graduated with her BA, first as an academic advisor and then as a Study Abroad/Exchange Student Advisor in the International Programs Office. She first started teaching English 1013 for exchange students and later developed English 1023 for Exchange Students to give them the opportunity to have a second semester English class. Currently she teaches English 1113 in the Jumpstart Program through the Center for Independent and Distance Learning. She loves teaching and working with international students.

In addition, Pat is a children's author under the name Eileen Hobbs. She is currently working on her fourth book of the Heath Cousins series, a fantasy/adventure for ages 7-11.