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Body Composition and Physical Performance Research Lab

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Body Composition and Physical Performance Lab

Dr. Rebecca Larson, Director

Dr. Larson’s laboratory research focuses on the optimal measurement and evaluation of physical function and performance.

Subjects tested in the BCPP lab range from individuals with severe physical/neurological impairments, e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, to those participating in a range of competitive athletics.

The laboratory utilizes a broad range of measurement tools and techniques to evaluate body composition, clinical neurophysiology, physiological responses to exercise, and functional performance; including but not limited to:
DEXA (body composition/bone density)
Hydrostatic weighing (body composition)
BodPod (body composition)
Ultrasound (body composition)
KinCom (muscular strength and endurance)
Parvo Metabolic cart (cardiorespiratory function)
Lode ergometers, Treadmill (physical function)
ECG (cadiac function)
EMG (neurological activation of the muscles)
NIRS (oxygen saturation of the muscles)