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Internship Program

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Internship Program

The purpose of the HES Internship Program is to provide a planned transition from the university curriculum to a professional Health and Exercise Science work setting. During the internship experience, the student will test the practical application of the theories of academic learning in the professional setting under the guidance and supervision of both a professional staff member and a university faculty advisor. As a part of the internship experience, the student will be evaluated on his/her work attributes and contributions to the field Agency. The student will have the opportunity to continually interact with the Agency and periodically with the faculty in assessing his/her skills, accomplishments, and professional growth. Students applying for an internship should have satisfactorily completed at least 9 hours of the HES core curriculum

Students who are completing an internship are required to work 4 hours per week, per credit hour during a sixteen-week semester (e.g., 256 total hours for 4 credit hours). Students completing an internship during the summer are expected to work an appropriate number of hours per week in order to achieve the number of credits hours in which they are enrolled.

For the student, the Internship experience:

  1. provides an opportunity to engage in on-the-job application of classroom theories and techniques;
  2. assists in developing professional skills in the planning, organization, and leadership of a health and/or exercise-related service;
  3. provides opportunities to undertake challenging and stimulating tasks which often entail a significant contribution to the quality of life for persons served by the Agency;
  4. identifies/clarifies strengths and weaknesses of professional behavior;
  5. allows him/her to enter the professional world gradually, under competent supervision and guidance;
  6. presents an opportunity to interact with and learn from professional practitioners in their areas of expertise;
  7. offers a health and/or exercise-related environment in which to learn and investigate human interaction; and
  8. provides an opportunity to further evaluate the health and exercise science field as a potential professional career option.