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Human Relations Graduate Program

The Master of Human Relations program is designed to provide a quality education for individuals interested in creating and leading team-based organizations, social justice and change, and helping people and communities.  This degree programs have emphases in organizational management, counseling, human resources, and social justice and change.  

The Master of Human Relations prepares you for any profession in which a knowledge of human behavior, organizational behavior, and social issues and change stragegies is paramount.

Our Founder and Professor Emeritus George Henderson

In 1967, George Henderson and his family relocated to Norman, Oklahoma, where he became a professor at the University of Oklahoma. Up until that year, Norman was a sundown town that prohibited non-whites to be outside after dark and the Hendersons became the first African-American property owners there. He shares his Brief But Spectacular take on living what he teaches.

Life is too precious to be a spectator sport.  We are no longer merely fans, rooting for the winning team.  We are the team.  We are the grown-ups.  Whatever you believe is true, now is the time to give your respectful, inquisitive, and compassionate self to it.

-Vicki Robin